The Monday after #nosocialmediasunday

I am really pushing #nosocialmediasunday personally. I think it’s important, for my own sanity, to have one day where it stops. What’s that? Just the outside. People and events that come through my little black phone. It’s amazing how events and responses from the virtual world can really penetrate your actual world. For one day of the week, I just close up shop and spend time with God, me, my husband and children, my parish family and friends.

Come 11:59PM Saturday night, I say goodbye to social media until I wake up on Monday morning. I send texts to Tiffany and my friend S, reminding them that if they need anything, they can call my home. This may seem extreme or drastic. I mean what’s a little Facebook updatetweet, pin or Google+ “add to circle”? There’s a sense of always needing to be in the know, because everyone else is. It’s a lot. I do that every single day of the week, and blog, and work on a laptop all day. I love that. I do. I also love the freedom that comes with keeping the Sabbath holy (as my friend over at We Are theSalt reminds me).

Mass – We took advantage of the balmy weather and walked over early. I prayed the rosary in silence along with my parish family and my family on either side of me. Little Monk “right next” as he likes to say. I offered up and prayed for all of the intentions I collected on the blog this week. I also included some of my own deep intentions. I’ve got some stuffs going on. Pray for me? I wore my veil and made sure I kept total focus on the altar, and of course, listening to Little Monk sing the Gospel Acclamation louder than anyone else in our pew.

We celebrated the feast day of Saint Blaise by a blessing of the throat. Before going up, Msgr. noted that this blessing is for sore throats, throat cancer and more subtly to keep from swearing, gossiping and other foul uses of the tongue and throat. I, responded with a loud *BOO YAH* in my head. He also mentioned the wonderfully supportive community at daily mass and asked if any one of us is fortunate to have flexibility to attend, we should do so. Meaning – I should do so. 6:30AM mass. Gotta incorporate that – or at the very least, 7PM Tuesday evening mass.

Reading – this was HUGE for me. I finished two review books for this little space here. One is Lumen Fidei and the other a book about Epiphany and Lent, so please keep a look out for those, complete with giveaways! I began another book from Loyola Press titled Catholic by Choice. Gotta love a conversion story – so I won’t ruin the surprise now. I read a couple of chapters of the book of Luke, with commentary. The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis was finally started (I found an old copy on my shelf). I also read a few chapters of Pride and Prejudice because, as you know, I’ve never read Jane Austen prior.

*Welcome back from your fainting spell*.

One of my biggest accomplishments on this sans-social-media-Sunday was the creation of a Book Reading Plan. I took a page out of a new blog I’ve come across and created categories. Under those categories, I’ve filled in books that could be placed in that category after reviewing my personal bookshelf, wish lists and ebooks. Then each month, I pick two or three to read. I will of course continue adding on the back end for next year. A day without me saying “That goes on the list” is a day when I become a natural blonde. So never.

Should you be curious, here are my categories (with a couple of examples):

Spiritual Growth: The Four Loves, Orthodoxy
Memoirs: A Prayer Journal, Paradise Piece by Piece
Classics: Pride and Prejudice, The Simarillion
Family: Recipe for Joy, Let us Keep the Feast
Writing: Literary Converts, The Soul Tells a Story
Devotional: Totus Tuus, Sacred Space for Lent
Dominican Spirituality: Spiritual Theology, Early Dominican writings
Early Church Fathers and Mariology: City of God, Witness of the Saints

Sounds very organized? Well it is! I have crossed off three books thus far! I am a list maker because crossing off items motivates me like nothing else!

Prayer – Morning prayer, evening prayer and, AND Office of Readings. I can’t tell you what a treasure the Office of Readings is. Today, there is a commentary on the psalms by Saint Hilary of Poiters. In keeping with what I read in Lumen Fidei, the first sentence in the readings is “Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!” I got caught up with journaling for my consecration to Jesus through Mary and asked myself an important question over the course of the day:

Examine your own life. Are there any intentions or desires of your heart that are contrary to those of Jesus and Mary?

Didn’t that say it all?

Planning – I got creative here and created a blog tree (another suggestion from stepping outside of my little space and seeing what else is out there!) What’s that? Well, I want to be sure that I am true to the mission and purpose of this blog, which is….well. What is it? That’s exactly why I needed a tree. (remember the visual book category list? Looks like a tree doesn’t it?)

Blogging Tree

You would think that Catholic would be the base of this imagery, but I wanted to delve a little deeper. Deeper than Catholic? Yes, what are we called to do when we receive the sacrament of Confirmation? Evangelize! Evangelizing about all of it, devotions, scripture (the Good News, people!), the Feminine Genius (I love that one), Vocations (and that includes: mother, Lay Dominican, wife, RCIA, etc), Current Events (such as all things Popery!) and of course, my favorite school, Saints. If you would like a blank template of your own, I am happy to make you one!

I also had time to spend watching Downton Abbey – which is the perfect set up to reading Pride and Prejudice. Maybe that’s why the entire cast of Downton has been repurposed in my mind when reading P&P?

There was more to my weekend, but I wanted to highlight my wonderful Sunday with no social media. I invite you to consider incorporating #nosocialmediasunday as part of a weekly routine, or even to try it out for Lent. Then come back here Monday and tell me all about it!

Anyone unplug yesterday? How was it?  Did you forget and check the phone? I did! No big deal…just walk away from the phone. Very s-l-o-w-l-y. Or put it in airplane mode. It’s on – but no access…tricks of the trade, people.


10 thoughts on “The Monday after #nosocialmediasunday

    1. Or Pinterest, and Google+ I’m a bit of a social media person, so unplugging is really a big deal for me. My husband calls it “faithing” Isn’t that hilarious? Because all of my social media, for the most part (I’d say 85%) is all around the Catholic faith, he knows that when I’m on, I’m faithing! The kids say it now too. I may have to write about that.


  1. I love taking the Sabbath off from the internet too! It has really helped me find a better balance and peace. I quickly realized just how addicted I had become to the internet and I’m glad that I made it a priority to force myself to turn off the the noise of the online world for a day. I’m so excited that you were able to create some categories to help plan and organize your reading goals!


  2. #nosocialmediasunday

    Well that was much harder than I thought, I did send one text after Mass to a friend I thought was leaving for holidays but was off by a week. I had fully intended to do this 24/7 for all of Lent but I think I will maybe just add #nosocialmediaweekend I will have a better chance of not failing. It did give me time to do more reading and thinking of OneWord 2014 I have been struggling with that and then it came to me Acceptance. So thanks for the challenge, I think it is something I will continue and also I love your tree. I will keep you in my prayers.


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