Small Success Thursday Vol. 15: Love and Perspective


I am linking this bad boy up over at Catholic Mom, because them’s are the rules (not really).

So, Small Success. I’ve thought about this a little differently this week – not that I haven’t every other week, but you know what I mean.

Small – as in small shifts in perspectives, whether it’s with people you love or people you don’t – is what’s on the menu this week.

1. I am In the middle of my consecration, as you know, and I actually came through on the Marian integration of the prayers for the day. I shifted my perspective and looked at someone and a situation with the eyes of Mary. This doesn’t happen often and I was shocked! Instead of assuming the negativity into my person, I diffused it (I would usually spit it back or worse, internalize it)

Da Vinci, Virgin Mary, Virgin on the Rocks, #smallsuccess
Leonardo da Vinci – Virgin on the Rocks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
2. I got a jump start on Valentines Day for my husband and made him something. We don’t go all out for this holiday, so I tend to get creative. One year, I repurposed a deck of cards. On each one I wrote a reason why I love him. Seen that on Pinterest?

Valentines playing card craftThat’s where I saw it! Makes a great travel gift because of the glossy nature of the cards. In that same vain, I made him a little planner. It was simple because I didn’t want it to be stressful for him to manage. He’s going to be traveling a lot in the next couple of months for long stretches. I got some free printables online (avoiding my need for cute, girly, graphic printables) and on every few pages I wrote a little encouraging message, with our made up words included. Some examples:

chipped lappies = chapped lips (he was tired!)
dramastic = a combination of dramatic and drastic (I was tired!)
fols clothing = I don’t know what happened here, but I think he was trying to say fold clothing)

On the cover, I made sure to write that I am proud of him. I am. It’s hard being away from your family and even harder to work as hard as he does without my rice and beans to have for dinner! Seriously, my husband works really hard and hustles. He was a hustler (from very humble and raw beginnings) and now, he works for a swanky consulting business in Soho and has an imaginary girlfriend on his 5AM bus trip to work, that we lovingly call, Ramona.

3. All about the date night coming this weekend. FINALLY. It’s been since…since…that long. I can’t stress enough how important these nights are for us. I love dating this guy. He cracks me up and keeps me sane. He also puts up with my bedside table lamp being on till 1:30AM most nights reading. Sorry honey!

Head over to to share in other #smallsuccess happenings.

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