Seeing God in the Window

Ever want to go beyond what you know? Ever feel like the air in your room is stale and the only thing to save it is opening the window closest to you





God’s Window Original Oil Painting, 18×24, 2009

Breathe in the cool, fresh, crisp air of something different, something new. This stagnant air can’t possibly be all there is. The running into the same things, people, instances and ideas. It’s stifling, isn’t it? Sometimes the air is rank with it. With the negativity, the judgement and the unnecessary. Sometimes, you work with what you have, and when it’s in your control to change the landscape, I say, change the landscape. (That’s what my tattoo is about by the way – rising from the ashes and all that).

Enter – tribe building.

Back when I lived in NY and sold candles *don’t ask*, I was featured for an hour on this site where women come together and build their social media footprint. As you can imagine, this kind of networking with social media was revolutionary a few years ago. Fast forward to today, and I saw the name come up again. This time, they were talking about tribe building and a fun little exercise where people can come, sign up, and attach themselves to a category. I, of course, signed up – because I sign up for everything. What’s a tribe? I am SO glad you asked. It’s not as scary as you think. Personally, I would call it a posse, but maybe that’s too ‘hood.

A tribe is your support system…they’re a group of people you feel comfortable bouncing ideas off of, bloggers whose content you enjoy commenting on and sharing with your own fan base, and who you genuinely like to engage with. In other words, they’re people who you’d be friends with offline as well.

Now sometimes, dear readers, you come to a place where you feel painted into a corner. Where not everyone plays fair, or nice and all you want to do is eat ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate chips on top – wait, is that just me? Because ice cream is good and my go to. I digress. This challenge, came as a wonderful, fresh breath of air, just when I needed it. I now have a group of nine bloggers that I will visit with using various kinds of social media (so far, I have visited their sites, commented, liked their pages, tweeted and pinned them!) You know what’s wonderful? Some of my online friends (and what I will henceforth call my Primary Posse) have liked some of what I have shared from these women – and that, that is the freshest of the fresh. When you can share different vantage points and perspectives and others like and share for the sake of it just being interesting content.
You’re growing your tribe and theirs and it’s wonderful to see such organic, good for the sake of good growth. When I received the list of women, I actually knew a blog. I felt like the new girl in class who was paired with someone whose parents were friends – so it wasn’t too awkward. One blogger is a new Muslim convert, another a super organized Mom whose printables are priceless and still another who has kids, 9 of them and three are adopted! I can connect with these women on conversion, on kids (and being 1 of 7 myself), on adoption and on really trying to get my microwave clean today!
And now for the elephant in the room…
Who’s to say that my tribe or anyone’s tribe has to be Catholic specific, or female specific, or anything-specific? Does it make me any less Catholic, or any less female? Surely, we all have our niches and that’s wonderful. I’ve already had my brush with people who think that anything other than the same is promoting something different. Yes. I am promoting something wholly different. I am promoting difference and of loving through that difference to the other side of a soul, where connections can be made and love (respect too) grows. I know that is how God intended it. Am I still a traditional, right-to-life, Lay Dominican, veil wearing, communion-on-the-tongue-taking Roman Catholic who cantors and adheres to the Magisterium and tweets about her RCIA peeps every Monday before class? Oh yeah. That never goes away. If I don’t look beyond that though – what does that say? Shouldn’t we be in the world and not of the world? I am, at the heart of it, a preacher. It’s the Catholic faith that I come back to and preach through. The Catholic faith. That is and always will be my cornerstone. It is from this firm place in my soul that I go out and meet others, just where they’re at.
Romans 12-2
Am I optimistic? Yes. Absolutely. I am always optimistic. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here, writing to you.
P.S. If you’d like to know more about this platform for networking, blogging and super fun stuff…head here – it hasn’t changed much since I hung here a few years ago, but I have.

8 thoughts on “Seeing God in the Window

  1. What an insightful post! And so true 🙂 While it’s easy to get lost in my Catholic mom niche, I also try to ground myself by pursuing other interests that have nothing to do with Catholicism, maybe read a good bit of fiction or run a Half Marathon, etc. It broadens horizons and sometimes you just discover something totally awesome, it makes for good connections with people you may not otherwise have had!


    1. I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes, insulating yourself can be helpful and protective, nurturing even…but we have to go out and meet them. We can’t be afraid of people and faiths different to our own. If Pope Benedict XVI can pray in the Blue Mosque…we can leave our insulated pockets of faith and share who we are as Catholic Christians and perhaps represent the only Bible they will ever read.

      God bless!


  2. I agree totally with the idea that we need to be open minded and be able to listen, learn and share our beliefs with like minded people from all walks of life. I think the only way for us to be able to love one another as commanded by God is to be open to listening to each other. I especially believe that when we are solidly faithful to the Catholic Church we are not easily swayed just because we’ve learned of someone else beliefs. We can all learn something in this life and it sometimes takes looking through other’s eyes or peeking through their window on life.


  3. Hi! I love the way you encorporated the tribe challenge into your post. I’m newbie blogger trying to find my way and that’s why I signed up for the challenge. Your post is very interesting and makes me think whether a tribe has to be the same or in fact different!

    I agree with the other comments that being with the same can be nurturing, protective but at the same time, difference within a niche offers a new refreshing perspective on the same thing. For one I can definitely relate to you and your conversion story and not knowing where to begin. That is exactly how I feel and why my post is still pending in my drafts folder!

    Thanks for saying Hi on my blog and I’ll look fwd to discovering some more similarities 😉

    Peace to you!


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