Small Success Thursday Vol. 13: The Prolific Edition

Small-Success-ThursdayI wasn’t going to post – AGAIN today. You’ll see what I mean shortly. After I completed this list, I realized…HEY! These are small successes for sure – link it up!

I am linking this bad boy up over at Catholic Mom, because them’s are the rules (not really).

This is my fourth post today. Yes, four. The three small successes for me are that I actually did them!

1. About a conversation with someone over on my Facebook blog page regarding why we should be ok with letting Mary rearrange the prayers like bouquets of love that only she could do with any perfection.

2. About a novena to the patron saint of this blog, St. Francis de Sales. I wanted to secretly pray it, but I couldn’t because counting for me is not my forté, dear friends. After this post, I shall pray day 2. (I prayed day 1 this morning!)

3. About my feelings on prayer within the context of my annual (I can say that now because I did it last year) consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Looking at this quickly, conversation, novena and prayer – not a bad way to sum up the week, I think.

Head over to to share in other #smallsuccess happenings.


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