Consecration Conversations

Why consecrate your self to Jesus through Mary? Why honor Mary at all? Why trust in her to know where your prayer intentions should go? So many questions about Mary. Here’s a conversation with me and Ms. P* over at my Facebook blog page.

Ms. P* says

Hoping you have a better day today. I’m looking forward to our discussions and the ones with your other friend b/c some things were hard for me to do…. I’ll have to find my morning glory book to tell you… one of the sections mentioned that once you consecrate yourself to Mary, she takes your prayers and distributes them as she sees fit… so your prayers for a friend may really be given to a lonely man. Honestly, this made me uncomfortable. I didn’t really have a relationship with Mary before…. But after trusting in her, I can say that I have not felt so much peace before! It truly is amazing and it isn’t something that you can really convince another person unless they truly try it out. Oh, I also call her Mama Mary! I got that from friend. So, do you remember that part of Morning Glory? What do you think?

My response

Yes. I absolutely remember that. I use that all the time. You see, the way I looked at it, who would know better where the intention and care of this prayer should go? Yes. I pray for the conversion of my husbands heart and offer the communion I receive for him but – sometimes, if prayers are going unanswered it’s because of factors beyond our understanding and time – we are so impatient. Then – why shouldn’t this beautiful intention, this intense prayer that we have created not be re-arranged by Mama Mary, and given to console and soothe another suffering soul? If we trust in Mary to know and be the Mother of all, then we will trust her to know when she should pick up and coddle our brother because he needs more “sugar” so to speak. Does that make sense? Maybe I can add something on my blog for us to discuss? Like today! A question to anyone working through these for discussion? Nothing fancy. Would that help us, you think??

Ms. P* Says

yes! I think that would be great! I do see what you are saying….. coming from being converted, it is hard to understand…. but I do believe that it makes sense and I believe that Jesus/God does see that we are praying and I do trust that Mama Mary knows better than we do. And I’m glad of that! b/c of the pour suffering soul that may have no one at all to pray for them! My favorite part of the Morning Glory (which I still have to find!) was when they discussed that Mary takes our prayers and adds her own prayers and presents them (beautifully wrapped) to Jesus. I LOVE that, b/c I can see my own mom taking something from me and making it oh-so-specially wrapped to be presented to someone else. I just finished Day 3…. of the Totus Tuus book (which I do love the name!) I like the format …..

My response

See the header here!!! It’s for the consecration. Also think of OLG her story. The roses are also arranged – to me those roses are prayers. All beautiful.

And I am a convert too.You knew that!


5 thoughts on “Consecration Conversations

  1. I had a lot of trouble with that concept, too. It was one of the big things that held me up with my consecration. After reading Morning Glory, I went on to read more of St. Maximilian Kolbe’s work before deciding to go through with the consecration.
    Honestly, some of Fr. Gaither’s verbiage made the whole thing a little too glossy, a little too easy. I really got an impression of flippancy when dealing with this particular question. That’s why I went looking for more sources. When Consecrating your life to Mary, you don’t want to jump in half informed. It’s a big commitment and a big job.
    So, I’m not saying you’re wrong, please don’t misunderstand. i just think it’s wise for your friend to exercise due diligence.
    Congratulations on your anniversary! Mine’s in March. 🙂


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think the word “consecration” is such that we should understand what that means before even attempting the process. (I mean, that’s a lot of syllables – I am kidding, of course) This is why I jumped at the chance to post reflections here – per her suggestion. If she and I have questions, rest assured there are others who are grappling with it too – and could possibly help us along!

      I pray you come back and share when you can!!!


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