Can we have a little fun?!

Of course we can. We have been ruminating about some pretty heavy stuff – that hasn’t stopped and won’t. However, if

best-moment-award semper-fidelis-award sunshineawardyou would permit me to interrupt this program for a brief distraction, I promise it will be worth your while.

Terry over at 8kidsandabusiness (the link means head over and follow, P.S.) nominated me for three, count them, three awards. I know what you’re thinking, this can’t be?! It is. Now, I get the wonderful oppotunity to share with you some of my flavorite (yes, that’s a word) blogs who have provided sunshine, are semper fidelis when I come-a-callin (and I do), and have given me some of the best moments in my bloggy-tastic experience thus far.

Here are the rules for the three awards (so you know what to expect and should you be nominated, know how to handle it after falling out of your chair with Sally Field-esque glee:

  • Use the award logo in the post.
  • Link to whoever nominated you.
  • Write 10 pieces of information about yourself.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers who meet the indicated criteria.
  • Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

My flavorites are (in no particular order – a few nominations may be of no surprise – much like the Oscars) please head over and check out what they’re all about:

Life of a Catholic Librarian
A Year of Living Adventurously
A Catholic Newbie
Bent Bow
This Northern Belle
Plain Grace (formerly Suscipio)
Primus Pilus
Reclaiming the Sacred
Joe Sales Writes
Catholic Cravings
Translating a World on the Edge

Honorable mention:

My friend S. She doesn’t have a blog, but that doesn’t mean she can’t participate in the comments. *wink* *wink*. She refers me to some fantastic bloggy-lore let me tell you. Yes, she meets the criteria of being faithful, bright on a cloudy day and she was my Matron of Honor – that’s a total best moment.

Now, 10 things about me…that you don’t already know:

  1. My favorite color is purple. Maybe you knew that.
  2. I LOVE VH1 Pop-Up Video and can watch it, marathon style, all day.
  3. Mother Angelica relaxes me – not her, per se, but reruns of her shows do
  4. In the same vain, Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report cracks me up like nothing else
  5. I like to pretend prunes are chocolate – how else can I tell myself that prunes are great?
  6. I hate voice mail. This is why when I have to leave them, they are ALWAYS worth having to stare at an obnoxious blinking light or notification and push a secret code to listen to. I sing, tell jokes, pretend you called me, whatever.
  7. I have a favorite planet. And it’s Jupiter. What? It’s a big, gregarious planet, complete with accessories. Juno and rings.
  8. I wear a size 8 shoe. Doesn’t sound odd, does it?  I am 4’11” God is funny.
  9. I am allergic to shellfish. That’s a boring fact.
  10. I hate exercise. Sweating is the worst. So I avoid it at all costs. I know that’s bad. I’ll walk, but once the perspiration sets in, I’m out.
  11. One to make up for #9, because that was really lame. Paisley is where it’s at.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of introspective reflection, consecration, RCIA and other Godly things. 


14 thoughts on “Can we have a little fun?!

      1. You are too funny! Anyway, of course you can hold on to this, its just for fun and absolutely no pressure!!


  1. Congratulations! And it continues – I also nominated you for the Sunshine Award (you must be seriously glowing!) Well, you can’t have too many – actually, I don’t know much about this award thing, maybe you can have too many?!! 🙂 See what I said about you and the only other person I awarded on my post “Complements and Compliments”. Keep shining a light!
    Pax Christi


    1. Awww! Christina! This award has a shinier meaning now. I didn’t realize the impact it had. I needed that psalm too! I don’t know if I conveyed it, but I was having a rough day that day and felt a little selfish for posting it. Glad it could comfort you in the way it did me!


      1. You felt a little selfish? Don’t! If you share something because you need it and someone else (me) benefits, too… Maybe that’s kind of like loving your neighbor as yourself…? We humans have the same essential needs, afterall!


  2. Maybe I shouldn’t have stalked this blog too much, because I would love to nominate you back again hahaha! Thank you so much, my dear sweet mama! 😉 I’ll do my own post in a sec.


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