Surprise, it’s not #7QT

Today is usually #7QT over at, but I am still crafting here for a #7QT and I really want that to be the next installment. So enjoy the change. We can always rely upon the constancy of change.

What I will do, is give you, dear reader, a psalm to ponder. A psalm to reflect upon and really allow to steep within the depths of your heart and more importantly your conscience.


Psalm 62
Peace in God

May God, the source of our hope, fill your hearts with peace as you believe in him
(Romans 15:13)

In God alone is my soul at rest;
my help comes from him.
He alone is my rock, my stronghold,
my fortress; I stand firm.

How long will you all attack one man
to break him down,
as though he were a tottering wall,
or a tumbling fence?

Their plan is only to destroy;
they take pleasure in lies.
With their mouth they utter blessing
but in their heart they curse.

In God alone be at rest, my soul;
for my hope comes from him.
He alone is my rock, my stronghold,
my fortress; I stand firm.

In God is my safety and glory,
the rock of my strength.
Take refuge in God, all you people.
Trust him at all times.
Pour out your hearts before him
for God is our refuge.

Common folk are only a breath,
great men an illusion.
Placed in the scales, they rise;
they weigh less than a breath.

Do not put your trust in oppression
nor vain hopes on plunder.
Do not set your heart on riches
even when they increase.

For God has said only one thing;
only two do I know:
that to God alone belongs power
and to you, Lord, love;
and that you repay each man
according to his deeds.


3 thoughts on “Surprise, it’s not #7QT

  1. This is beautiful! I love how the Psalm is so humbly written-words from a simple heart that loves God alone and finds all his joy in the Lord.


  2. After reading an anti-Catholic blog and one with a post that went on about “I am the author of my future, I am creating my life, I’m attracting what I desire through my positive thoughts” – this is exactly what I needed. Fresh air… Peace… Sanctuary… Thank you for sharing the beauty and truth that is this Psalm!


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