I’ve been adopted!

StatuesqueWell, hello there! How have you been? I am not technically blogging because I said I wouldn’t until 2014ish. I can’t stay away! As I took a break from reading, I saw that Emily over at Living Adventurously chose a saint using Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator.

All of my roads are always Mary’s roads. I wasn’t going to choose a saint for 2014 since I was only just adopted by St. Francis de Sales as patron saint of this blog! I will of course hold true to the promise I made to myself, and write about him in 2014. However, since he is to be a mainstay, I thought a walk-with-me-in-2014-saint adoption was in order.

I prayed for a saint that would help me with a word I’ve been mulling over for 2014. The word came one day and has stuck with me like white on rice. Such a simple little word, but what a heavyweight.

The word?


Sounds like a simple enough word. It reads so quickly, one could skip over it without feeling the real weight behind it. It’s just four little letters found at the end of letters, emails and Christmas cards. Love is said often between family members, friends, spouses and even owners of pets to their furry friends. I love that shirt, or I love your new haircut.

But, how about the other love? The love of agape?


That’s what I asked for help with in 2014. That kind of love. So which saint chose* me?

You’ll find out in 2014.

Can you guess? Might be fun to try. Leave a comment with your best guess or head over and see which saint will walk with you this year.αγαπη, (that’s agape in Greek – thought that was fun)

Cristina* I use ‘chose’ because although I click the “find a saint for me” button, it’s the praying before the clicking where the saint chooses me; my button clicking just reveals it…


19 thoughts on “I’ve been adopted!

  1. I just did mine too on Jen’s blog and got St. Jan Sarkander, the martyr of the confessional…guess I’ll be hitting up Confession more in 2014! 😉


    1. Eeep! Talk about a direct message!! But I love confession once I’m in there. As my son says, I’m in there for three confessions (there’s another line and I just always bogart the priest!)


      1. I am going to say St. Peter and leave it at that : ) LOVE Peter…my 9 year old daughter wants to take his name for Confirmation teehee after reading an awesome book about him.


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