Small Success Thursday Vol. 10: Musical Chaplets and Going Dark


It’s very, very good (my play on Scripture) for us to take a moment and bring to mind the little ways God blesses us every day. I can’t say enough just how important the little stuff can be, maybe because I’m 4’11. Seriously, it’s probably because of my love of the beatitude: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Whatever it is, let’s recognize it and capture it like fireflies in a Mason jar.

Head over and link up at to be inspired by other women capturing their #smallsuccess fireflies just like you.

  1. I wasn’t on the cantor schedule this week. Generally, I take every other week off. I do this so I can spend those masses in the pew with my family. Yes, I am always at mass, but you’re not in the mass when you’re cantoring – in my experience – you’re of the mass; you’re assisting with the musical portion of the liturgy. When I am sitting in the pew, I am in the mass, with my other brothers and sisters in Christ. Someone asked if I could cover for them because they were having a Christmas gathering at their house. Of course! As a new Catholic, I have to learn music all the time for mass, because I didn’t grow up singing it. Funny, I can sing opera no problem, talk mass music and I am in a panic. Why? Because you all know the words! If I mess up a word, a note, you’ll know it. I can always fake un po’ of Italian.* I checked the music last night and about died. As I played the keys, what sounded through my piano was a tune I’d been humming all of Advent! Why? Because it’s been playing at the beginning of my Liturgy of the Hours app for Morning Prayer, that’s why! (currently at 25% off for a short time, should you want to purchase). O come, O come, O Come Emmanuel – I’ve been humming this everywhere.

English: Antiphon of Advent Français : Antienn...

I hadn’t made the connection because, sometimes, I hum hymns using the wrong words. I just like the melody. In this case, I was humming O come, O come, Emmanuel with the words for the Gospel Acclamation! Cantor problems, bloggy peeps. Talking about the Gospel Acclamation, the words happen to be my FAVORITE scripture verse.

Luke 1:38

Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.

I will also be singing Creator of the Stars of Night. I’m not very familiar with it, but anything chant style, I’m all about. The small success here? I get to sing this music. I get to love Advent more, if that’s possible. Whereas before, I was learning, now, I am internalizing it all. I don’t have recordings of myself singing any of these yet. I tried to sing some this morning, but even Lexicon said “Mommy, you sure are breathing hard!” Morning asthma. Stay tuned. In the meantime, there is something in this that I have sung with video of me too. Good luck finding it! I should also share with you, that I will be wearing my veil as I cantor! WoW! #veilproject indeed!

2. I prayed a chaplet last night for Silent Sacrifice. No one has submitted anything, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t still pray. And I did. I prayed this chaplet using an app, what else! My favorite part of the chaplet of Our Lady of Guadalupe is for the second apparition:

I thank you for the courage and encouragement you gave to Blessed Juan Diego to make a second appeal to the Bishop

It gave me a little strength as I applied his persistence to the situations in my life. Blessed Juan Diego give me faithful persistence and the special grace to always listen to Our Blessed Mother’s courage and encouragement.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chaplet I use to pray. Gloves are to keep my hands warm. Thanks Josiepants and The Knit Whisperer ❤

3. I have decided that it’s time for a vacation. A real one. My hands are feeling quite sore, as are my forearms (see the pic above?) I have been slathering NSAID gel on my forearms and the tops of my hands four times a day, cover them in heat wraps for a couple of hours at night and don’t tweet-a-leet as much. I type not just for my blog, but for work too. I also don’t like voice mail. What does this mean? My fingers do a lot of talking. When I initially began writing here, I told myself, 2-3 times a week. I’m such a liar. I’ve been working up 5 posts a week minimum, on average about 7.


I do, and that’s why I am taking a break from December 23rd to January something. I say “January something” because my hands tell me to type January 6th and so does my little Catholic Liturgical Year beat (Epiphany!), but you know me already and I will probably be back around January 2nd. So I’ll call it January something. The success here? Taking a break. I don’t usually allow myself to do that, but I want to be around to share more with you in 2014. So a break it is. On Broadway, we call it going dark – like I’ve ever been on Broadway. I’ve walked on Broadway to a show, but that’s about it!

My stepdaughter is coming from Florida to spend the week with us too! She will be going with me to midnight mass – which is held at 10PM, I don’t know. I just go where I’m sent. Maybe I can get her to veil? Maybe she’ll let me take pictures? Pray!

What are your successes this week? I know you have some! Leave a comment here or blog about it and link up! Just so you know, the next #smallsuccess post, here will not be until 2014! will host a Boxing Day edition the day after Christmas, but I will be with my family and resting my hands and forearms by not blogging and maybe eating. Or drinking some St. James Love Wine. I just LOVE that recipe!

*     ~     *     ~     *

A couple of announcements (in my Broadway Intermission voice)

cover_advent_christmas_optimaI am currently running a giveaway for a book by some lovely faith filled women titled Let Us Keep The Feast: living the Church Year at home (Advent & Christmas) that ends tomorrow. Please head there and comment to enter. In a few words, this book is a wonderful manual to Advent and Christmas traditions for anyone looking for creative ways to do just that. Hence the mulled wine recipe.  The mulled wine recipe? What’choo talkin’bout Willis? Yeah. Head over.

*     ~     *     ~     *

My favorite Robin Nest Lane veil!

I would also like to announce that there will be another veil giveaway at Theresa’s house here. Thank you to Robin Nest Lane and Theresa for independently working this out to offer another beautiful veil to a lucky woman (or man – as a wonderful gift). Stay tuned on Twitter as I will tweet as I get more details! For now, here’s what I know: Robin will allow the winner to choose any veil they like. Theresa will host the giveaway on her blog from the 26th to the 28th A Christmas Octave #VeilProject Giveaway

Have a peaceful Thursday.


6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 10: Musical Chaplets and Going Dark

  1. You’ve got some great Advent tunes coming up! I love Creator of the Stars of Night. The church bells were ringing that tune when I walked through the neighborhood last night and it was absolute bliss.


  2. O Come Emmanuel…so hauntingly beautiful. Need to hear you sing that.

    You have stop over my blog to enter…otherwise…I’ll let ya take a break 😉


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