Top Posts for my Facebook Fweeps

Yes, that's my hand. Trying to stay warm.
Yes, that’s my hand. Trying to stay warm.

Yes, I call you Fweeps. Why? Because Lexicon does. F for Facebook, and “weeps” for a combination of Twitter and peeps? Not because you’re weepy, promise. Who knows what goes on in his imaginatively, creative head? He calls Twitter friends “Tweeps” and Pinterest friends “Pweeps”.

I need to take a break from social media because my hands are in a bit of pain (work crunch and lotsa spreadsheets). I thought to share the top posts according to hits here on my bloggy blog for my Fweeps since I can’t post to them in real time, like I love to do!

Do you have a favorite that you don’t see here? Share! In the meantime, see ya mañana!

The #VeilProject: A Movement to Encourage

I am Woman Not a Priest

About Me

#VeilProject 2013

Child Donates First Communion Money to Charity

How We Came to Be


Prayers for my hands please?




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