Small Success Thursday Vol. 9: Our Lady of Guadalupe Edition #soyunaguadalupana


It’s very, very good (my play on Scripture) for us to take a moment and bring to mind the little ways God blesses us every day. I can’t say enough just how important the little stuff can be, maybe because I’m 4’11. Seriously, it’s probably because of my love of the beatitude: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Whatever it is, let’s recognize it and capture it like fireflies in a Mason jar.

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Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I never really *knew* this saint. I didn’t. I knew she was on many a tattooed arm, lots of Latina’s honor her, and I vaguely knew the story. As I prepared a post yesterday, so many magical things happened. So many things born of the Patroness of the Unborn that I knew I was being “touched”.

  1. I am looking into my bag of memories with a different lens. How can this help others? How can these past hurts be seen through the mercy of God’s tender heart and made new? Thus, a new prayer ministry was born! Silent Sacrifice is a page here, on my blog, where women who have had irreversible procedures done to their body, whether by Fallopian cauterization *like me* or hysterectomy etc. Whatever it is, my friend S and I (yes, S, that dearheart) would love to pray for you. I created a confidential form here for you to enter as little or as much as you like. Pour it out, let it out and allow God through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe – the Patroness of the Unborn help you to heal the pain.

    English: My photograph of an image of the tilm...
  2. Last night, my friend S, asked me for the name of one of my favorite rosary makers, Donna from Belladonna’s Shoppe, because she loves my rosary bracelet, like I do. In stalking looking at rosaries, and with my birthday in just a couple of days, I found this. I am giving my left arm for it. I believe I stumbled on it specifically for this new ministry. Please know that this will be the chaplet I pray with when I pray for anyone who leaves their prayer request.
    Virgin of Guadalupe Rosary Chaplet by unbreakeablerosaries
    Virgin of Guadalupe Rosary Chaplet by unbreakeablerosaries


  3. This morning, as I reviewed my Facebook blog page, I saw that someone overnight, liked the post for the new ministry and simply commented ❤ #soyunaguadalupana This means, “I am a Guadalupe” – literally. But I think it means more. I think it means, I am for the unborn, I am for our culture, I am for healing, I am for prayer, I am for uniting with others who share these dark secrets and I am ready, ready to be vocal about it, ready to unite with Our Lady of Guadalupe and understand that she’s more than just a Latina favorite – she is truly a beautiful apparition that I will now hold dear to my heart. #soyunaguadalupana too.

What are your successes this week? I know you have some! Leave a comment here or blog about it and link up!

Have a peaceful Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 9: Our Lady of Guadalupe Edition #soyunaguadalupana

  1. Wow. I seem to say that alot with your posts. Although we are new friends so I’m not sure how your life looked until recently; I am so honored to stand by and watch this beautiful spiritual growth spurt you seem to be in right now.


    1. It was small. And not in a good way. I was selfish, cruel, self-centered, angry, lost, faith-less, deluded…net net? It wasn’t God’s.

      🙂 Thank you for coming with me.


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