Small Success Thursday Vol. 8: Cheer, Chesterton and Change


It’s very, very good (my play on Scripture) for us to take a moment and bring to mind the little ways God blesses us every day. I can’t say enough just how important the little stuff can be, maybe because I’m 4’11. Seriously, it’s probably because of my love of the beatitude: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Whatever it is, let’s recognize it and capture it like fireflies in a Mason jar.

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  1. We, as a family (me, Little Monk and Lexicon), prayed two decades of the rosary two nights in a row. I pray the rosary daily and never stray from it. I can get pretty creative with it too. But, with the craziness of no daylight after school and me running to and from every where it’s hard. But there’s no excuse, this has to be important for our boys too. I also read this from Life of a Catholic Librarian and in her Vocation Spotlight with Fr. Darryl Millette, he said this: “Prayer in the evening was mandatory, usually involving a rosary (though I seem to remember looking forward to those rare times when the evening was rushed and we had to settle for just a decade!).” What an a-ha! Doesn’t have to be the whole rosary. I can finish it for them. So long as we settle in for at least one decade – and hopefully, God willing all of them. Started last night, right after our Jesse Tree Devotional. I credit this rosary praying with my boys as the reason for my cheery demeanor yesterday morning.
  2. I finally purchased Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. Why is that a small success? People
    Inside my Apologetics Tote
    Inside my Apologetics Tote

    have mentioned it to me as a must read, because he’s witty, funny and super smart. I’ve been meaning to. I finally bucked down and have it in my possession! It’s in my just created Apologetics Tote: because you never know when you have to defend the faith. I carry this with me every day. I work in corporate, so what’s the point? The point is, to meet them where there at and that’s in the corporate office too, no? YES!

  3. I recorded myself singing Ave Maria. People have asked me to over the years to do it, but I don’t like to record myself. Much like my thing with journals, I don’t like to keep a record of anything really personal. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of how I’ve dealt with things. I don’t like to relive things. I prefer to forget. I’m actually quite good at it. So good at it that I have no idea where my keys are. I will say this, I’ve changed. I want light in the dark places of my life. So, have a listen. This is me, changing, right before you. Thanks for sticking around.

Monarch Flight

What are your successes this week? I know you have some! Leave a comment here or blog about it and link up!

Have a peaceful Thursday.


14 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 8: Cheer, Chesterton and Change

  1. Just wanted to put this out there, for your Apologetics Tote I recommend adding Patrick Madrid books especially ‘Where is That in The Bible’, he has good many small books that I find handy.


  2. Oh my word, that is beautiful singing. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. What a gift! Recommend Peter Kreft’s Catholic Christianity as a pocket catechism that is easy to read, in fact, even a fast read of the ENTIRE catechism. I have Orthodoxy here somewhere, will dig it out and have to read.


  3. When I found out that The little flower was only able at times to say one Our Father and a Hail Mary, I was relieved. And this may invite contention or debate, but I believe that we should invite our children to the faith. I don’t have a good feeling about forcing daily mass or long rosaries, and especially for little ones. I don’t want them to hate it, you know? At the same time, I need more trust in God’s ability to penetrate their hearts as they grow older.


    1. I love this – and no contention or debate here – I’m a big “lets play nice kinda person” I always wanted them to pray the rosary, but like you, thought they would grow to dislike it because it was a lot. I too, was also learning (Catholic since 2012). So I just taught them the prayers while we drove in the car. Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, Fatima Prayer, Hail Holy Queen and the Memorare! I also taught them the Guardian Angel prayer. They learn the rosary and pray it in school, but now, for Advent it’s a very special addition that they anticipate.

      To your point, shouldn’t we meet them where they’re at too?


      Thanks for your comments!


      1. Your welcome. I do think it would be easier for us if our husbands were on board, since whenever we sit together, the kids are there. For that I will continue to pray.

        BTW, I didn’t imagine you to contend at all, but maybe someone else. Someone who knows much more than little me.

        Blessings, and we loved your Ave Maria.


      2. Michelle, that’s what my delete button is for!!!! No haters here! xoxoxo

        and thank you. I have a treat coming. I can’t have the Ave Maria and not have the Our Father! Coming in a second. Going to record it in my bathroom!!! I’m working from home today.

        God bless you and your family.


  4. Emily, you are very blessed. Praying the rosary as a family (even though my mom and dad didn’t manage to stay together) is one of the greatest treasure of memories that I hold to this day.


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