Singing Ave Maria

Madonna and Child, Bernardino Luini
Madonna and Child, Bernardino Luini

As part of this “Feeling Mary” mini-series, let’s listen to the Ave Maria this morning. I recorded this in my car just this morning while in the parking lot before going to work. It’s not fancy, there is no glossy production value or even accompaniment. Just me, singing to Our Blessed Mother. I will also be singing this for the pilgrims at #RCIA Monday night.

St. Augustine: “He who sings prays twice”

I hope you can feel Mary this morning as I felt her.



23 thoughts on “Singing Ave Maria

  1. I remember this version of “Ave Maria” was sung once during one of our novena Masses. Nice rendition by the way!


    1. Thanks Ben!!! I don’t usually record my voice – ever. So this is new for me. So far it’s been twice in a matter of a month. EEK! Just love Mary 🙂


      1. The Blessed Mother truly inspires us to bring out the best in us. For the love of Mary!


  2. Cristina, yes, I felt Mary. Thank you! You are so blessed that Jesus created you to sing to HIM. I hope you will continue to share with us. You are beautiful!


    1. Thank you Patricia! I don’t usually feel comfortable sharing my voice like this…but, as Ben Gonzales mentions in his comment, the Blessed Mother brings it all out in us!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I appreciate that. Truly. I don’t want to sing opera really anymore…I love singing at Mass.

      The Lord gave me a tongue as my reward and I will praise him with it. Sirach 51:22

      I’m keeping it on YouTube – eek. nervous about that. But – I don’t think it’s right to hide anymore. 🙂



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