My Thank You Note to God #VeilProject

*Giveaways have ended!*

I can’t tell you just how excited I am, so I’ll write it! I, along with Tiffany and Emily have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a smooth giveaway! There will be five according to the schedule below! If you see a link and it’s still within the timeframe, head over and enter to win!! I will update this post with the giveaway links (and give you all of the shop links below)

December 1 – 4 Michelle at Liturgical Time Giveaway
December 5 Annie won!

December 5 – 8 Birgit at Designs by Birgit Giveaway and Bonus Veil Pouch by JosieKat’s Trunk
December 9 Veil Pouch: Lucy V.! and Veil from Designs by Birgit: Amber H.!

December 9 – 12 Karen at Silver Hill Treasures Giveaway
December 13 Adriana from Argentina wins!

December 13 – 16 Lily at Veils by Lily Giveaway
December 17 Mary R. wins!

December 17 – 20 Gail at Peter’s Bride Giveaway
December 21 Gail chooses and announces her winner

Isn’t this exciting? What’s wonderful is, that Jesus is calling all of us to be His, through this wonderful sharing and collaboration, through this wonderful, and deeply personal devotion. In the meantime, head over to Life of a Catholic Librarian and link up. Why do you feel called to wear a veil? Why do you feel you shouldn’t wear a veil? May I ask that when you share, you always be charitable and gentle. I read that in the intercessory part of the morning prayer today:

Give us unfailing gentleness at all times,
– toward everyone we meet.
Come, Lord Jesus.

I look forward to learning with you, sharing with you, leaning on you, and walking with you in faith, hope and love during this wonderful Advent season. I also urge you to read my reflections on veil wearing, posted when this little idea was born. 

And now for a little reflections thus far …

I began veiling a few weeks ago with what I had, a regular nude scarf that I purchased from Kohl’s a few years back. I do love scarves. It’s actually the one pictured above here. I was with my son Lexicon and we sat in the front pew. I didn’t get the looks that I’d read about from others and I think it’s because I wasn’t really paying attention. The scarf I was wearing covered my peripheral vision, I was solely focused and gently though the gauzy texture of my scarf, on our Lord, on the priests, deacon and altar. I was more immersed in the liturgy than I’d been before.

The week after, I wore a different scarf that was pale pink. Immediately after mass, a Knight (of Columbus) came to me and said, I know that you don’t usually veil, what’s up? Is something going on? He knows my husband is an atheist and I think he thought it was my way to pray deeply for him. He’s like an older brother, his name is J, but we’ll call him Knight. I told him about this link up, and what we had been working on. He told me that whatever it is, keep doing it. He said that he also knew that I am Latina and thought it was a beautiful way to link my culture to my faith. That really resonated with me. My grandmother passed away from breast cancer about 10 years ago. I miss her. She was very Catholic. I pray for her soul every day and at every mass during the prayer of the faithful. She never wore a veil, but I think if she were alive today, she would have worn one with me. She would have been so happy that I came home to the faith she introduced to me when she could.

The week after, I was scheduled to cantor. What do I do? Do I veil then? Will it be too distracting? My friend thought it would be, still another thought the same, I spoke to the Monsignor who was celebrating the mass and he said, so long as it’s purple, it’s fine. I was still unsure. I asked the Knight. He said, you have to decide whether you are more concerned about making others uncomfortable or about the message you want to send. I thought about that, and still, undecided, I didn’t veil. I felt terrible about it. But I prayed through it all during mass. It, for me, was more than just the message, it was my reverence to Him. My glance kept shifting to the statue of Mary and she looked so beautiful 026that I knew I should have veiled. God is not without love however and for me, confirmation. After mass, I was approached by another cantor, D. She said,

Do you remember the day I was cantoring? You were in the front row, when I was singing the responsorial psalm, I looked down and saw you with Lexicon. You had your arms around him. I thought for a second I was looking at the Blessed Mother. You looked so beautiful.

Now, I am not for a second saying that I am the Blessed Mother. I am saying that I would love to be her when I grow up. 🙂 See? There’s a beauty in this. There’s a deep reverence and place of love that wells up when others see it. The remembering of a time when regular women set themselves apart for God. Now, we aren’t obliged, it’s a choice. I like that. I like that it’s my free will that gets me there, to Him. It’s the free will that HE so lovingly gave me. My veiling is just a thank you note back to Him.

I plan, during the Advent season to continue to share with you some of what I have experienced as I only began veiling a few weeks ago.  Please also refer to my page devoted specifically to this project where I will update with links I find, giveaway information and any other information I think could be helpful on this journey.

Please follow us on social media with the following hashtags #VeilProject #ProjectVeil #TeamVeil

I am on my way to link up over at Tiffany’s place.

Abrazos (that means hugs in Spanish),


Veil Shops should you wish to peruse:
Liturgical Time Veil Shop
Designs by Birgit  with JosieKat’s Trunk
Silver Hill Treasures
Veils by Lily
Peter’s Bride


17 thoughts on “My Thank You Note to God #VeilProject

    1. She is my inspiration for all things. Reading, writing, education, teaching, faith, Catholicism, tradition, culture and nail polish! Her favorite, shrimp pink. How I miss her.


  1. I teared up too, Cristina, because I’ve been there: unsure about whether to veil or not, deciding against it and then, in the middle of Mass realizing I should have. Also when you mentioned your grandmother, it made me think of mine. It’s amazing the influence our grandmas have on us, even after they’re gone!


    1. She would have been my biggest fan (next to my husband). Pray for her, Genoveva Aguilar. She came to this country knowing no English, had no education, married to an abusive, alcoholic husband and she passed away a retired principal of a bilingual high school in the Bronx. She also helped adults to learn English for GED programs in another borough – far from her own home, during the week. She traveled the world and she loved me. I called her Nanny. I will have to post a picture of her here. I should introduce you all to her. I even keep her mass card with me. She died so young. She died at ~64 I think. Very young.


      1. I will not only pray for her, but ask for her help. I’m on a committee that started a Spanish Immersion program at our kids’ Catholic school four years ago. The first class is in third grade and I am in awe of how comfortable they are with Spanish. It’s been quite a bit of work getting the program up and running. I’m sure your Nanny knows a thing or two about that! Que Dios te la bendiga siempre.


  2. This is so beautiful, Cristina! And you are so beautiful! I don’t have trouble believing you looked just like Our Lady for even a moment! 🙂 Thank you again for this amazing link-up! I will remember your grandmother at mass today. She sounds like a truly amazing woman and I am sure she is praying for you too!


    1. Aww Laura…you are a sweet and sassy lady. I feel like I’ve known you for a while…I’ve been living at, ahem, reading your blog. Keep it comin!

      Thanks for praying for my Nanny. She’d love you.


  3. I agree with Laura! What a beautiful story. Funny…I was thinking about if I went back to lectoring, could I do it? Could I wear the veil? I would need a comfort level with it at first, I think. Do not feel bad about not wearing during cantoring…you are in the process of discerning and will need to with each occasion as it comes up. The Lord will let you know without a doubt what He is asking. Your desire is pleasing to Him.


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