Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 23 St. Bibiana, Pray for Us!

St. Bibiana, pray for us!
St. Bibiana, pray for us!

Today is the second day of Advent and “According to the 1962 Missal of Bl. John XXIII the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, today is the feast of St. Bibiana who was martyred at Rome under Julian the Apostate in 363.

Patron: Diocese of Los Angeles, California; epilepsy; epileptics; hangovers; headaches; insanity; mental illness; mentally ill people; single laywomen; torture victims.

Symbols: pillar; branch of a tree; dagger; scourge; column and scourge with leaded thongs.

And since I have a migraine as I write this, St. Bibiana, pray for me PLEASE! Here we go…

Link up over at Suscipio and meet other wonderful women sharing their week

::Getting my #VeilProject post up!
::The time I spent with my inlaws this weekend. I was with my sister in law and brother in law (two sets of them). We had such a great time. I didn’t want to leave. I never say that with extended family.
::This Advent season. We’re in our new place *since July* so every holiday is new and wonderful because we’ve always wanted to be right where we’re at.
::My #thirdorder Lay Dominicans Sisters, Emily D, Nikita, Tiffany – my homegirls.
::Migraine medicine. When I have it with me. Hi, I don’t.

::Please pray for my Suscipio sister, Angela. She is having surgery today and we are all rallying around to pray for her. Will you offer up a Hail Mary?
::My grandmother’s soul. She passed years ago, but she is calling me lately. You know, with memories, recollections, comments and dreams. Her name was Genoveva Rivera Aguilar. Rivera was her maiden name.
::My sister in law, M. She has lyme’s disease. She has to take medicine daily to combat the disease in her system. I pray that she has to strength always to get through the salsa of life (inside joke).
::Those looking for work. I have been approached by a few people who have either just gotten a job, or who are close. I pray that this will be one thing they can be grateful for and not have to worry about this or finances this season.
::Special intentions. I am praying a whopper of a novena. The 54 day grande dame novena, in fact called the Rosary Novena to Our Lady. I am doing this with my friend Tiffany. We also are choosing an hour each week to spend before our Lord in Adoration. Last time I had a migraine, this time, I cried. I guess that’s better??
::Those in the pews who struggle in their faith, are atheists, or who have fallen asleep.
::My husband. Why? Because I love him. Because he needs me, more…because I need him.

Thinking and Reflecting (each link is a resource to help you incorporate these into your prayer life)
That with the start of this new year for us, I will take a page out of Nikita’s book and in this New Year of St. Matthew would like to incorporate this theme with resolutions. I will no longer have a list of secular New Year resolutions. You know, the one where you’re really going to lose 10 pounds and then eat a cake? Wait. That’s just me? Come on! Here’s what she came up with and I loved it. So much so that I told her at 1AM I think, on one of my insomniac parties of 1. With this fresh (for me) twist on resolutions, I have a longer finish line, GOD willing, than just, by the summer time. The end goal isn’t the beach, it’s heaven. Isn’t it? Here’s our list.

  • I am reading the Evangelii Gaudium. Can I just say how many lines I have highlighted? I am just on page 36!
  • The Art of Spiritual Writing by Vinita Hampton Wright, I will be writing a review for this book too. BUT, I won’t be giving this away. I need to mark this bad boy up! So far, so GREAT!
  • Job. Yes, the book of Job. I figured, when there’s struggle, go before the Blessed Sacrament and read about struggle. Read about how to come through it.
  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis I can’t recommend this enough. This is my second time reading it.
  • I am always in my Christian Prayer book for the Liturgy of the Hours.

Let’s put something on to hear…

I made MORE brownies. I also made Gobble dinner. Turkey in the slow cooker, from this chick. Um, this was uber-slammin’. Juicy, tender and perfect. I made arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas), some avocado, stuffed mushrooms and mozzarella caprese. True to form, this event was not without a little show. So, hubby is setting the table, and it went a little something like this:

Hubby: Are we using the good plates?
Me: Of course. Sounds great!
Hubby: Ok, plates, glasses, forks, spoons *buzzes about the kitchen readying the table*
Me: Serving up the comida (food)
Hubby: Serving the food, to begin cutting the turkey into bite sized pieces for the boys.

We all sit. Time to say grace. This year, we decided to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. Lexicon starts, he is thankful that Mommy was able to make all of the food, we are all together, etc. Little Monk, he is happy for Mary and for Jesus and for Mommy and Daddy. Hubby starts in and says he is glad for us and then…this:

Me: Ummm, honey? Did you rinse these plates off? (We keep our good plates out for show – it’s colorful people. Risk is you have to rinse before you use) *I pass my pointer finger along the edge of the plate….DUST!
Hubby: *&^$@$&*)&$&@#!

For the first time, there were NO leftovers. We scraped what we could off the tops of our mounds and put them on the regular every day plates. Fun stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Homing & Making
I figured out how to do the knitting thang with nary a slipped stitch. What a feat! I was knitting this weekend, and while the double rib makes it look as if I haven’t done much, it’s coming along.

Around the Web

  • Here is the Rule of St. Augustine for you online. Why is this important? As a Lay Dominican, I need to know the “rules” they are more flexible than the Rule of St. Benedict.
  • The woman who wrote this book that I am reading, The Art of Spiritual Writing, has this website with – hold on to your veils – writing retreats all online! WHAT THE WHAT? Yes…go here, grab tea and settle in to some good stuff. Maybe we can do something together?
  • Advent. St. Therese. Giveaway. Carmelites. Trivia. Can it be true? Yes, read up and play here to win, and learn more about this order.
  • Finally, I found this and HAD to share with you Joy of the Gospel Daily Advent Reflections. It’s all on Facebook, which is great because you can scroll and go, ya know?


A gift from my SIL. Did you know this was named after a painter and Dominican Friar? She has no idea how great this gift is!
Another gift from my SIL. She’s had this for years and has been saving it for someone who would love it. How could she have known? She didn’t, but God did. Beautiful, no?
My husband and Little Monk at the parish dinner – Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Siena (Allentown)
1st Sunday of Advent at my house.

That’s all I got peeps.




9 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 23 St. Bibiana, Pray for Us!

  1. It sounds really crazy, but with the Divine Mercy Chaplet I normally say everything normally (speaking) and then when time to recite the ‘For the sake of His sorrowful passion…’ I normally sing it. It is very catchy and certainly it helps me focus on this particular chaplet. As for the Sorrowful Mother, I need to find it again (I got the chaplet from a Benedictine Laycouple) as it packed up in one of the boxes that I have not touched yet.


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