Small Success Thursday Vol. 7: The Assumption Edition

I am calling this the assumption edition because I am assuming this is happening this week. You see, I am scheduling these. It’s really Wednesday. Happy Turkey Day! Peace, blessings and stuffing to all of you really. I am so thankful for all of the positive, warm, reflective and open exchanges we’ve have since May. Yes, I’ve just been around since May. Seems like a sweet forever, right? With that in mind, here is my #SmallSuccess list.


  1. I actually made a list! Lately, I have been a little all over the place in terms of what needs to get done, or what I’d like to do, through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. Wait. Did I just go into that? Yes, yes I did. Sorry about that, but tell me you didn’t think it was sounding a little like that? Back to my point, I have lots going on with the coordination of this wonderful Advent Veiling Linkup Project where we are encouraging other women to try wearing a veil to mass. While Tiff is hosting a linkup starting on Dec 1, there is a lot going on behind the scenes so we can have a really successful turnout. Head over here to the Advent VeilProject 2013 Tab up top for the latest updates. I also wrote down some books that I wanted to read. Catholic Christian Classics, if you will. Interested in knowing what made the cut? Just ask!
  2. I drank wine at mass for the second time in my life just yesterday. It was quite an event. I didn’t think I was going to do it, or be as touched as I was. It was all quite driven by the Holy Spirit. The only other time I drank the wine was, well, maybe not even for Easter Vigil when I came into the faith. I was so excited to receive the Body that I flew past the wine, skipping for joy. This time, I think God saw that I was ready. Now that I think about He planned it perfectly – I drank His Blood on Tuesday. The Sorrowful Mysteries. My favorite mysteries. He’s so good.
  3. I came to work on Wednesday (today remember?) without makeup on. Listen, I know that sounds shallow and I wasn’t even going to mention it. But you know what? I am a human being and I share what’s going on with me. Any time I’ve ever not been with makeup on, I was asked if I were sick, hadn’t slept, if I was experiencing a tragedy, or if I were anemic. I’m serious. Growing up, my mother called me Lydia. Why? Here’s why, I looked about as pale as she did. Don’t focus on the bangs, I don’t do bangs. The success, I walked out without makeup. Guess what? No one has said anything. Then again, no one is around. Thanksgiving week and all. 🙂

    Lydia Dietz played by Winona Ryder from the movie Beetlejuice
    Lydia Dietz played by Winona Ryder from the movie Beetlejuice

Head on over to the Small Success post at to link up assuming, we’re having it! The assumption edition. Not Assumption, although, that could be a future post. Hmmmmm….

What are you’re successes this week? I know you have some! Leave a comment here or blog about it and link up!

Have a peaceful Thursday.


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