Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 22 Memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Today is the Optional Memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria. She sounds so interesting! I must consult my saint book for more info! In the meantime, onward to the quick and dirty of what she’s about from

Ventura Salimbeni - St Catherine of Alexandria...
Ventura Salimbeni – St Catherine of Alexandria (detail) – WGA20668 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patron: Apologists; craftsmen who work with a wheel (potters; spinners; etc.); archivists; attorneys; barristers; dying people; educators; girls; jurists; knife grinders; knife sharpeners; lawyers; librarians; libraries; maidens; mechanics; millers; nurses; old maids; philosophers; potters; preachers; scholars; schoolchildren; scribes; secretaries; spinners; spinsters; stenographers; students; tanners; teachers; theologians; turners; unmarried girls; wheelwrights.

Symbols: Wheel set with sharp knives; broken wheel; sword; crown at her feet; hailstones; bridal veil and ring; dove; scourge; book; spiked wheel; woman strapped to the spiked wheel on which she was martyred; woman arguing with pagan philosophers.

CWA Time people!!! One of my favorite days of the week around here (I love Sundays too) Link up time over at Suscipio! Pretty self-explanatory, just respond to the bold items and link up!

::Tiffany, Emily, Theresa and S (a.k.a. the Knit Whisperer) – – can I just say, S needs to blog. That’s all.
::Creative ways to pray the rosary
::Sleep, finally
::Ice cream chats with Little Monk. He won’t eat ice cream, but man can he dream up masterpieces for us to salivate over.
::Lexicon. He is so sweet and so sensitive to my feelings. He knows just what to say.
::News of my friend H coming back to the US. We’ve missed her.
::The Holy Spirit
::Knowing who I am and not letting anyone take that away from me

::Please pray for my Suscipio sister, Angela. She is having surgery today and we are all rallying around to pray for her. Will you offer up a Hail Mary?
::For people who feel they need to*try* to steal the happiness of others. Dear friends, these people are unhappy, they need our prayers, our compassion, our support and gentle responses in a way that can only come from the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
::My friend Chapter President, J who had something, don’t really have the details, in his eye removed. I can’t even imagine. Praying that he’s better.
::Special intentions. I am praying a whopper of a novena. The 54 day grande dame novena, in fact called the Rosary Novena to Our Lady. I am doing this with my friend Tiffany. We also are choosing an hour each week to spend before our Lord in Adoration. Last time I had a migraine, this time, I cried. I guess that’s better??
::Those in the pews who struggle in their faith, are atheists, or who have fallen asleep.
::My husband. Why? Because I love him. Because he needs me, more…because I need him.

Thinking and Reflecting
No matter where I am, I can pray the rosary. I remember reading about Sarah Reinhard learning to do the rosary on her fingers. Case in point. I do my best thinking and reflecting in the shower. How could I do pray the rosary as I’m conditioning the ‘do? I have to be realistic when I say as much as I love getting to the chapel to pray, this is not always an option for me with kids, work, school, well…you know. This is how! As I am looking up to get my hair wet, I see lights. Two pot lights and two rows of 4 dressing room lights (I don’t know their real name!). There’s the decade!!! See?

photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)

Granted, by the end of the rosary, I’m totally blind. Those lights are BRIGHT! Ever come up with a creative way to count the beads? Chime in.

  • Job. Yes, the book of Job. I figured, when there’s struggle, go before the Blessed Sacrament and read about struggle. Read about how to come through it.
  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis I can’t recommend this enough. This is my second time reading it.
  • I am always in my Christian Prayer book for the Liturgy of the Hours.

What am I hearing? Little Monk’s brutal cough. Poor thing. He’s also got asthma, and with this cold weather, he’s struggling to breathe. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m making him some tea with honey, right now!

I made another cinnamon crumb cake! Today I am going to attempt some ganache brownies. I just realized I have 72 ounces of chocolate chips. Yes. 72. Who buys chocolate chips like that? My husband. I asked him to buy some when I was making cookies. He wants to be sure I always have enough. I think this time though, he was sarcastically telling me that he’s tired of my crazy baking requests. The one chocolate chip bag to rule them all! (can you tell I’m getting ready for the Hobbit to come out? I am a Lord of the Rings cuckoo bird – much like my dear friend Theresa)

Homing & Making
So as you know, my knitting? Wrong for years and I only just found out last Thursday from the Knit Whisperer. Well, I saw her again on Saturday, and sure enough, even with the video she made for me, I made a ton of mistakes. She was incredible though. She narrowed in on the stitches and could translate what I’d done. She was literally whispering, you slipped this stitch, dropped this here, purled instead of knitted on this one, hmmm, and this was just twisted. Literally three minutes later, she’d fixed it and handed it back to me. She’s going to start charging, I know it.

Around the Web

Little Monk made this for his bulletin board project. My boys love the image of the rainbow as a promise of God’s love. Like, they love it a lot and will make rainbows to share with anyone who’s willing to hand them some paint or crayons.

Little Monk’s Promise Angel

photo 1photo 2

See their little hand painted treasure chests? Inside they keep gems, little notes to God and Mary – all very private and very cute. You know what else I just realized about these captured images? It’s the beginnings of their little prayer closet. That just warms my heart.

So many things are coming up! For one, Advent! That means our Jesse Tree Ornaments are coming, and so is the unveiling of our #VeilProject Linkup and giveaways! Also don’t forget to enter the God’s Bucket List book giveaway – that ends tomorrow. Easy peasy, all you have to do, is comment here!

Have a blessed week…I know I always will.
How do I know that? God is always on my side!


9 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 22 Memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria

  1. Okay…LOVE the lights idea on the bathroom…you had me laughing with the blindness. Hmmm….something for the shower…we will have to think on that one : )

    Fellow LOTR geek? I am not sure I knew that but I am quite happy we have more to share. Youngest and I are checking out the newly released Hobbit Legos.

    Love the artwork…made with such love…they are priceless!


    PS…praying for sleep for both of us.


  2. I will say that St. Catherine of Alexandria if I am correct is one of the Patrons of the Dominican Order…I need to go back and find my homily notebook (Yes, I use to and still like to write notes down of the homilies) because I think the former pastor of my Home parish was the one who mentioned that. I hope your little one gets better and certainly a few Hail Marys are going for Angela.


      1. It is buried in a box…cannot remember which one, but if I am remember correctly she was a patroness for the Order…I could just email one of the friars and figure it out or Facebook a few Dominicans I know 😀


  3. There’s so much to absorb in this almanac; I will have to read through it again and maybe take down notes. Really! Thanks for sharing so much, but I do love most the idea of reading Job before the Blessed Sacrament. I haven’t thought of that before.

    I hope your Little Monk is all better now. Nice crafts!

    ‘Hope you had a meaningful Thanksgiving, too. I am looking forward to your Advent posts 🙂


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