Book Review and Giveaway: God’s Bucket List by Teresa Tomeo

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Title: God’s Bucket List
Authors: Teresa Tomeo
Page Count: 172
Current Price: $17.99 Hardcover / $9.99 E-book

There’s been quite a buzz about this book. I can understand why. After listening to Teresa on the radio daily, you feel like she is a good friend, just giving advice as a friend would. Pair that with me being from Brooklyn, (as she says) “fugetaboutit”. I had to read this book. If you could see the book as it lay on my desk, you would probably ask why I began to flag pages only in the last half of the book. I actually wondered that too. I didn’t highlight anything from chapters 1-4 Live with Stillness, Live with Passion, Live with Instruction and Live with the Mess respectively and not because there wasn’t an adequate amount of relevant and pertinent statistics, anecdotes or pearls of wisdom. Personally, I took this book for what it was called literally, a list. You know how lists are, you scratch off ones you think you’ve completed, or have adequately covered and move on to the next item. The next chapters, for me, were the more difficult to “hear” from my friend on this journey, Teresa. My flags and highlights begin with the fifth chapter – Live with Understanding. In this chapter she starts with a quote that I will forever identify with.

Men occasionally stumble over the truth but most of them pick themelves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. ~ Winston Churchill

She discusses here, the truth of social teachings and how it should affect our decisions, and what we are to do with that. She puts the onus on you. Not in a ‘I told you so’ kind of way either. She so effortlessly leaves you in the driver’s seat with no other option than to

see that His ways are not backward or oppressive but instead give us the best chance for real freedom and happiness (p. 106)

The rest of the book that I’ve highlighted for myself are titled, Live with Confession, Live with the Good Life and Live like You’re Loved. For me, these are the harder of the list to integrate. Confession. That’s a big one, isn’t it? With her usual, relate-able style, she brings confession down to the reader as something not to be so scared of.

Another way to look at is that each sin is a little bit like a tiny fat deposit that clogs our arteries. Eventually all the buildup can create a dangerous blockage that takes away our life. (p. 132)

I won’t reveal to you the nuggets I highlighted for myself in the rest of the chapters, maybe they will reveal themselves throughout my journey in this wonderful faith of ours. I wonder where you’ll start on this list and what you will find to be your pain points?

All in all, I found this book to be a prescription and call to write my own Catholic mission statement. She suggests an exercise that she learned from a friend.  It’s this kind of down home advice that I’ve come to expect from Teresa Tomeo regardless of how she chooses to get her message across (Facebook, television, radio, books, etc.) and it’s really accented in this book. Anyone can ready it and feel inspired and ready to take the next steps on God’s bucket list. I think you’ll find that they’re all Yes. Yes to God, Yes to His will, Yes to the talents he has bestowed upon each of us. This book is a great guide and reminder that He will not forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). It’s not about what we want on our bucket list, it’s what God has for us. I leave you with this last insight from the book:

We can jump through all the hoops, attend all the right vocation seminars and Christian conferences, but if we don’t really love God above everything else, it’s not going to stick, at least not for very long. [my emphasis]

For more information about Teresa Tomeo, I encourage you to visit the Author’s Web site

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44 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: God’s Bucket List by Teresa Tomeo

  1. Thank you for sharing this book. I will get it to help along this journey of life, pain and days of joy. Thank you for your review; it nourished my soul at where I am today.


  2. It’s a great book that is a quick and enjoyable read! There is much depth and wisdom in each chapter. I think it makes sense to read and meditate on each one for a few days. This book would also be a great “faith book club” book because there are so many things to discuss and you could take the conversation in many ways.


    1. Thanks so much for your reflection here! I think it’s great to have a man’s perspective on this book!!! I too, think it would make a great faith book club read…or even a blog series!

      You’re entered in the giveaway – good luck!


    1. Thanks! Do you ever listen to her on the radio? She’s hilarious! Like morning coffee without the spill!

      You’re in to win! Prayers and fingers crossed.


  3. Thank you for the interesting review of Teresa Tomeo’s God’s Bucket List, Cristina. I would like to win it and share it with my family.


  4. I had the opportunity to see Theresa Tomeo, promoting this book in Louisiana. She provided great tips from God’s Bucket List. I would love to have my own copy!


    1. I loved Extreme Makeover. I have to say, the chapter on abortion from that book made me cry. It was so informative and heartbreaking. I love her and the women on the Catholic View for Women on EWTN. Ever watch that?

      You’re entered!


  5. Teresa Tomeo has been (and continues to be) a huge inspiration for me. I listen to her radio show every morning, she is awesome. I’ve been eyeing this new book for Christmas….:)


    1. She is hilarious on the radio…but a very “real talk” lady! Like coffee with your Aunt who knows what the deal is and isn’t afraid to tell ya!

      You’re entered.


  6. I would like to enter to win. I feel like I don’t do enough in my prayer life and this would be a great kickstart!
    Thank you.


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