Small Success Thursday Vol. 5: They’re all Blessings

Another #SmallSuccess filled week – if we look hard enough. Small successes and blessings are 

Small-Success-Thursdayimportant to remember, count up and count on to get you through the hard times. From List three things you are grateful for this week: victories over minutia, victories over the big stuff, blessings which you have received which reveal the breathing presence of God’s grace in your life. Then ask a friend to come and participate too.

I have to say, this week has been pretty blessed. Nothing completely amazing-knock-my-socks-off happened, but it’s all blessings, isn’t it?

  1. My performance went well on Friday. How do I know? I met a lot of really nice people and thanked them. It’s always more of a pleasure to sing for others than for them to listen (I feel). I always shake hands, hug and kiss people in the audience – but always, always look them in the eye and thank them for listening. I made some friends and made Sally happy. My husband even wore purple to show his support (my favorite color). I haven’t performed in quite a few years (aside from cantoring – which I love) and probably won’t for a while. Here’s the video of one of the arias I sang last Friday here.

    photo 3
    Me and the hubs on performance night
  2. On Sunday I wore a head covering to mass. Since my friends, Tiffany and Emily are working on a little #veilproject for Advent, I thought I’d try it out and I loved it. I’ve already received such wonderful feedback from women that I know in my blog community and new ones that I am meeting. I think that’s a total win – two actually; expanding my Catholic online community and encouraging them. Our linkup goes up the first week of Advent so stay tuned (there will be giveaways).
  3. This is a simple, but beautiful one. This morning, my little Monk was snuggling in my bed as I was putting my earrings on and he said, Mommy I love you SO much, I can’t wait for my scarf to be finished. I recently took knitting back up again and decided to make him a scarf. His comment was completely unprompted and it totally made my day. Considering my lack of sleep lately, getting a wonderful morning is a total success for me.

Head on over to the Small Success post at to link up

What are you’re successes this week? I know you have some! Leave a comment here or blog about it and link up!

Have a peaceful Thursday.


9 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday Vol. 5: They’re all Blessings

  1. I have been veiling at Mass and when in the the presence of the Holy Eucharist since Holy Week of this year. It has been such a blessing!


    1. How great! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll be back to link up on your experiences!
      Have a blessed Thursday (and Friday, and weekend…oh be Blessed!)


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