Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 20

CWA Time people!!! One of my favorite days of the week around here (I love Sundays too) Link up time over at Suscipio! Pretty self-explanatory, just respond to the bold items and link up!

photo 4
1st time veil wearer here!

::Lexicon squeezing my arm at mass yesterday when he sensed I was self conscious at wearing a veil at mass for the first time. What? Yep. I did. And I LOVED it.
::Texting Em and Tiffany. They’re on speed dial along with S. That’s a serious business circle to be in because S, is where it’s at.
::A sweet, quick note from Jenny. It was random, it was thoughtful, it was sincere. Those kinds of happenings pierce my heart instantly. Instantly.
::Making the time to relax this weekend. Now that my performance is over (link below), I can really focus on our Lord – Advent!
::Spending time with my other friend Pickles. That’s not her real name, but it’s an inside joke. She’s been through so much. I haven’t seen her in a while – like months. She came with her husband and son Saturday and I couldn’t stop looking at her. For the first time in a long time, she looked serene and that’s what I’d been praying for the whole time we’d been apart.
::Everyone who came to see my little show. Very nice of them to come out on a Friday night after work.
::My little RCIA family. Not the whole class – although I pray for them daily, but specifically, here, Brave Pilgrim, his wife R and their daughter V. They sat next to us at mass yesterday (Mike stayed with Little Monk at home because Little Monk was sick). R didn’t know that I was wearing a veil for the first time and said that I looked beautiful. Nice.

::Please pray for my Suscipio sister, Angela. She was just diagnosed with cancer.
::Special intentions. I am praying a whopper of a novena. The 54 day grande dame novena, in fact called the Rosary Novena to Our Lady. I am doing this with my friend Tiffany. We also are choosing an hour each week to spend before our Lord in adoration. We just did this last Tuesday (and man I had a serious migraine) but I prayed through it.

::My friends, especially Em, Pickles, S and the ladies over at Suscipio and Catholic Mom Cafe.
::Those in the pews who struggle in their faith, are atheists, or who have fallen asleep.
::My brother, Missionary D. He’s Mormon. He just got back from being away for 2 years to find out that everything is different at home with my parents in their faith life. They are no longer Mormon and he doesn’t know how to cope with that as they were very much a part of that faith when he left for the mission. I told him to pray for them and to be gentle with himself. He’s got to ease back into “normal” life. He loved to hear me talk about how much I love the Catholic Church and all the ways I practice my faith. He’s very respectful of our differences and is just “thrilled” that I have faith.

Thinking and Reflecting
I mentioned this novena that we’re doing. It’s the Rosary Novena to Our Lady where you pray the rosary for 27 days in petition and 27 days in thanksgiving. I would like to share with you what I contemplate as I pray. The intentions are very specific. Through the intercession of my power saints of course, St. Michael, St. Max Kolbe, St. Thomas (the doubter), St. Monica, St. Augustine (man did he convert and wasn’t he stubborn) and St. Therese of Lisieux.1st Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden:  To lessen their struggle over the agony of pietaconversion of heart.
2nd Sorrowful Mystery, The Scourging at the Pillar: Lord, wear them down so they are at their most humble to receive the truth of the Word
3rd Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns: That their minds will be focused on the Lord and meditate on His call. Hear his whisper.
4th Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross: To find the beauty of their life as they have lived it thus far. Carry their personal cross to Christ and offer it all to Him along with an acceptance of His will in their lives.
5th Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion: That they will go out and be a visual representation to all as Sons of God.I prayed another this morning for our intention and will share that with you soon. I won’t specifically say what our intentions are in this endeavor, but leave it to you to figure out should you choose to.Reading
  • God’s Bucket List by Teresa Tomeo. I don’t want to give anything away to you with this one. It’s that good.
  • Tell me that my priest, Fr. J isn’t just as cool as Fr. Heaven! I am blessed with priests! He gave me this book to read and reflect on during this (trying) time. Pope Francis Speaks to our Hearts. He told me to also leave it out. It’s on my bathroom counter right now.
  • I am always in my Christian Prayer book for the Liturgy of the Hours.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. I’m eating tater tots and a salad for lunch. That’s a balanced diet if ever I ate one. Here’s something I can share. Ever have favorite bits of whatever you’re eating? Do you save them for the very end of the meal so you can savor it? Just did that with the black olives and croutons. Don’t judge me. I like my food. 🙂

Mike made a DELICIOUS four cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and sausage for dinner, then they watched a movie as I knitted. He took care of me this weekend. *LOVE*

Homing & Making
We put up a little collage of frames with wedding pictures going up the stair case. Here’s what we came up with (because I need color on those white walls!)

photo 1
The wedding wall

This is what I’ve knitted so far! I broke down this weekend and got needles and a couple of skeins of yarn. Back when I was knitting, I made Lexicon a baby blanket, but never made one for my little Monk. he even picked out the yarn. I’ve made a few mistakes, but like I told him, every stitch is knit with love.

photo 5
Mistakes with love

Around the Web
As promised, to a few of my friends, here is the link to one of the arias I sang the other night. It’s on my husband’s Facebook page, but made public for you to see. Enjoy!

So much this weekend, but here are my favorites.

photo 2
walking home from school shot
photo 3
Before heading off to perform. He wore purple just for me!

5 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 20

    1. I just visited. She’s coming with me in spirit to Adoration this week. I am also going to mass tomorrow evening now and will light a candle. Hmm, I’ll ask my Deacon and the RCIA class to pray for her too. And I’ll update this *praying* portion to get more prayers for her.


  1. Thank you so much for linking up with us! I’ve loved reading the CWA posts. You do look so beautiful in your veil, and your novenas sound amazing 🙂 I’m adding you to my Feedly so I can keep up with your posts, and I want to thank you again!


  2. Congratulations on your performance! I haven’t heard of the Rosary Novena to Our Lady, so thanks heaps for introducing me. What a beautiful devotion… I love how you arranged your picture frames and labeling the collection “the wedding wall”. That’s really dear.


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