My Dear Rosary

I’m linking up (again this week) with Jenny and the ladies over at Suscipio. I had to. She asked that we (of course she was speaking directly to me) share our rosaries. I was speaking with Tiffany and thought she should link up because she has so many beautiful rosaries and all I do is make them. As I was continuing to respond, I mentioned that all I had for myself was a plain, plastic, clear rosary but it’s sturdy at $16.99 when I bought it a couple of years ago.

UPDATE! Here’s that rosary. Its by my bed hanging on a picture of me and Lexicon when he was a baby. I breastfed and would check if he was hungry by putting my nose by his lips. Its my favorite picture of us.

20131016-224509.jpg Of course there’s also my rosary bracelet that I…wait! MY ROSARY BRACLET! I do have a special rosary. So here we are.

I liked the idea of a rosary bracelet because I could wear it every day and not everyone would know what it was. It had to be beautiful so it would catch the eye for anyone who noticed – then I could talk about it. I married my husband in the Catholic Church a year ago exactly this month. We had been married civilly for years before. I needed something blue to wear and found this. Whenever I’m having a rough day, I just roll the beads around in my fingertips. If I forget to bring my plain rosary, I never fret, I always wear this one. I don’t worry if it should fall (it only does when I clap really hard – when does that happen? Not often) because it’s beauty is in the wear of it. It’s been blessed by my favorite priest and Father Bruno Cadoré, O.P Master of the Dominican Order.

I love it very, very much. See why?

Rosaries by Bella Donna's Shoppe
Pictures by Donna from Bella Donna’s Shoppe

I found this rosary at Belladonna’s Shoppe on Etsy and I highly recommend them. She makes beautiful rosaries. I’ve ordered one for myself, one for a friend and one for my God daughter. She makes custom pieces and has ones ready to go. Donna makes them all herself, chooses each bead herself and I have to say, it’s a true masterpiece and she is such a nice woman.

Here are a few pictures taken at my wedding from my lovely God Daughter (who took these pictures, amazingly. She is very gifted)

rosary collage

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    1. Now I’m blushing! Thank you! I’m actually looking for music for the reception. Mike wanted a specific song and couldn’t find it, so he called me and I’m frantically looking for it. I’m not texting! xo


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