Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 16

English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...
English: Jesus Christ – detail from Deesis mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Psalm Prayer for today from the Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours

Where two or three gather in your name, Lord, you promised to be with them and share their fellowship. Look down upon your family gathered here in your name, and graciously pour out your blessing upon us.

CWA Time people!!! One of my favorite days of the week around here (I love Sundays too) Link up time over at Suscipio! Pretty self-explanatory, just respond to the bold items and link up!

I almost forgot to share this with you! I created a new tab “Resources” be sure to check that out! Has most everything I’ve ever researched, looked at, read and enjoyed in the treasure trove of all things Catholic!

::little fingers over little beads of the rosary. Little Monk praying his worries away in the night.
::walks through the enchanted forest in the dark
::talks of telescopes and maps
::how he tries
::burned fingertips
::clean comforters
::open windows
::our personal cafe (mine and my husbands in the kitchen)
::my husband’s happiness
::the Lord is with me

::I am praying for the H family. They are going through some tough times financially and I wish I could do more for them.
::For T and her husband F. T reached out to me today and told me how ill her husband had been. I pray for healing.
::I am praying for peace. For myself.
::I am praying for my family, my husband and children to stay close to our Lord always. I am also praying for the ability to see God in everything – good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Always.
::I am always praying for Aaron. I pray that he does good things. I pray that he finds God always wherever he is. I pray that he learns to wade through differences and opposition without negative judgement, grudges or past hurts.
::I am praying for my Lay Dominican family.
::I am praying the rosary with special intentions for all of you in a very special, Holy Spirit driven way. Why? Because that’s what we do. Pray for eachother.

Thinking and Reflecting
Last night, Little Monk kept coming to us after we put him to bed. He used to do this this sometimes, but lately he has been a good sleeper. Two nights ago, he crawled into bed with us in the middle of the night. You could hear him running down the hall as if he were being chased. Last night he said, “I just feel like I need my family”. “I’m worried”. This isn’t Little Monk at his usual. I thought to myself, I’ve given him my curly hair, (maybe my husband had curly hair), we’ve given him a sense of humor, his cheeks, the cinnamon sprinkled on his cheeks (what I call freckles), but that’s not all…maybe I’ve given him my propensity to be anxious, panic attacks, depression. I scooped him up in my arms and carried him to bed, grabbed his rosary beads and told him that people with super big hearts worry because they love so much. Just like me and just like him. I told him that the best ways to help yourself to relax are to take deep breaths (which he already knows because it’s out go-to) and grab our rosary beads. I told him he didn’t have to worry about doing it right for now, just to say the Hail Mary’s and hold the beads like they’re fingers on Mary’s hand. I told him that She loves him and will keep him “right next”. That’s what he says when he want’s to be close. “Mommy, can I be right next?” I told him that Mary loves to be right next. He fell asleep.


  • Luke in the Bible for my next chapter meeting.
  • I am always in my Christian Prayer book for the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • Chewing on this reading from mass yesterday. It just stuck with me. From 2 Timothy 2:8-13

Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, a descendant of David:
such is my gospel, for which I am suffering,
even to the point of chains, like a criminal.
But the word of God is not chained.
Therefore, I bear with everything for the sake of those who are chosen,
so that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus,
together with eternal glory.
This saying is trustworthy:
If we have died with him
we shall also live with him;
if we persevere
we shall also reign with him.
But if we deny him
he will deny us.
If we are unfaithful
he remains faithful,
for he cannot deny himself.

My stomach rumbling – I didn’t eat breakfast yet!! And a sneeze.

Mike made whole wheat rigatoni and meat sauce. I just love it when he makes that. It’s so comforting! Then we went for a nice long walk with the boys.

Just laundry and bathroom(s) duty this weekend. After last weekend’s gardening extravaganza, we had to keep it light. We’re still recovering!

I finished 15 ladders for the Jesse Tree Advent Swap over at Liturgical Time: Walking the Seasons. As I make them I think, I wonder how all the others are getting along? It will be a treasure when I get all the different ornaments for sure.

Around the Web
Perpetual Rosary Association – Mary’s Guard of Honor over at The Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ website as well as this book by Fabio Giardini, O.P. also on The Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ online shop called The Spirit of St. Dominic

All about St. Christina of Markyate because of Tiffany pointing it out in this post I sent her about Comparing the Great Female Mystics of the Middle Ages from Ascending Mount Carmel

It was my husband’s birthday this weekend! We had a nice birthday weekend complete with Mommy’s homemade huevos rancheros, cinnamon bun waffles and beef stew! Friday night though, we went out to Lexicon’s favorite spot…Applebee’s. He says it’s gourmet. He really loves their mozzerella sticks. Lovingly called motzee sticks. I just loved how these to were loving each other that evening.  I am truly blessed to have these two (Little Monk too).

alexmikeI also came home, after a long week of working very hard to a package from Tiffany. She’s my Lay Dominican sister for sure. She crocheted this beautiful scarf in St. Dominic colors. I love it! I even planned my work outfit Monday so I can wear the scarf all day! Thanks Tiff.




3 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 16

  1. The scarf is beautiful, the intention even more so and you look great wearing it!

    I too wonder if sometimes I’ve passed on worry and anxiety to a couple of my children. But, if I have, I know have the tools to help myself through and I can teach these to my children while they are young and it will quickly become habit to combat these thoughts and fears before they my children get too old and the wrong thinking patterns take hold.

    Keep on fighting the good fight, He is with you!


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