Budding Lay Dominican: Special Mass Part 2

On Saturday, October 5th, I attended a special mass for Third Order Dominicans celebrated at St.

Veritas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vincent Ferrer Church in New York City by the Master of the Order of Preachers, Fr. Bruno Cadoré, O.P. The readings were from the Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time and can be found here. I would recommend that you head over and read them to give context to the homily that I will attempt to and summarize for you.

Live this joy, this task of evangelization wherein there are three dimensions that he shared with us.

  1. Joy of the promise of holiness. We are tempted to be happy and proud of our successes of ministry and missions, various outreach that we do in the name of Christ. We are invited then to look further in our joy. Rejoice in the Holy Spirit. Fr. Cadoré always asks those Brothers that he visits to share the joy of their ministry and was moved when one said “When I see the eyes of someone who has been preached to that truly grasp and really embraces, the Good News, the Extraordinary News. The joy of my ministry is more than near but present to me and each one of us present. I cannot help but rejoice”. Joy found in contemplation of relationship with Christ of these men and women (meaning us). We are invited again to look further in our joy and rejoice because our names are written in heaven. Not our successes. It is God’s willingness to draw us into himself. Not our excellence of ministry or education or devotion to religious observances or practices of asceticism. This is a mistake. What is good and important is to rejoice because of our path towards holiness, to sanctification based on our invitation to announce the Gospel always; by proclaiming the Good News of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. This is the reason of our journey.
  2. Father Cadoré is moved by the women at the end of life (Nuns) as they lay in God’s arms, dying. Despite their suffering, leaving family and friends; it is their certainty that they are not alone. God is beside each of them. She is not alone, Christ is with her. Christ is with her. When he visited the members of the Norfolk Chapter, the men in prison (I guess maybe he visited with them as well when with the Chapter). It was the newly found trust that was being born in the loneliness and crushing defeat, preserved and reversed by grace. The Son of God gives us illuminated eyes to see by faith. Overcome and reversed because and when God has been preached and is present.
  3. The third dimension of evangelization: Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. What we see is much more important that the success of our mission. Our work is not so miraculous but the mission of God carried out by intimate relationships.
    • Love between God and the Holy Spirit, it illuminates the lives of those we serve.
    • Love between Father and Son. We believe that full truth is the history of humanity carried out to fulfillment by the Holy Spirit. This Spirit is the love between Father and Son. It transfigures the Spirit to God; to the Word of God.

The joy of being a preacher is to open our words and acts in conversation and friendships with the work of the world. This is a call to each of us.

Part of a side altar at St. Vincent Ferrer Church, NYC

He also said something that he, himself heard: When you ask the Lord for his name, he gives you His address. God is not where you think he is. Go out and find him.

Now, I am sure he said more, he said it more beautifully and woven with the Holy Spirit – far more than I could ever be blessed to scribble. If you could see my notes, you would know that indeed, I tried to record it all for you.

I think, even this, this, is enough to imbibe for a while. This was truly a day I will never forget and contemplate for years to come.

This is Fr. Bruno Cadoré, O.P

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There are so many other resources I have to share with you and thoughts I would like to write about. Perhaps why I am so engrossed and passionate about my journey to become a Lay Dominican myself. (Misses C, I hope these links answer your questions about the Third Order, Dominican Spirituality and make you laugh in between!)


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