Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 15

Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Apse aisle. The sta...

Happy Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary! From the Divine Office Morning Prayer’s antiphon:

Holy and immaculate Virgin Mary, you are the glorious Queen of the world; may all who celebrate your feast day know the help of your prayers.

CWA Time people!!! One of my favorite days of the week around here (I love Sundays too) Link up time over at Suscipio! Pretty self-explanatory, just respond to the bold items and link up!

I almost forgot to share this with you! I created a new tab “Resources” be sure to check that out! Has most everything I’ve ever researched, looked at, read and enjoyed in the treasure trove of all things Catholic!

::A woman who beat the heck out of a vending machine to pry my ginger ale out. I had a really upset stomach this morning.
::My helpful husband who helped me garden yesterday. For people who don’t know a fig about flowers, we did a great job (I think).
::Tiffany, who is looking over my presentation for RCIA tonight. I am wigging out. I want to be sure I don’t put people to sleep! Pray for me!
::The rain to wash away all the dirt in my driveway.
::The laughter of my children
::Em getting me into some Catholic Mama groups
::My little prayer times…

I am praying for peace. For myself.

I am praying for my family, my husband and children to stay close to our Lord always. I am also praying for the ability to see God in everything – good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Always.

I am praying for Aaron. I pray that he does good things. I pray that he finds God always wherever he is. I pray that he learns to wade through differences and opposition without negative judgement, grudges or past hurts.

I am praying for my Lay Dominican family. What a blast we had this weekend!!

I am praying the rosary with special intentions for all of you in a very special, Holy Spirit driven way. Why? Because that’s what we do. Pray for eachother.

Thinking and Reflecting
A question that my chapter president asked me. How can I review a book on intimacy in prayer, when I am struggling in my prayer life. I explained to him that what I did was mine the key takeaways that spoke to me and transposed them onto my marriage life and shared how St. Bernard of Clairveaux’s reflections helped me to see and feel that my love of my husband and my love of Christ are spiritual and part of a bigger trust and faith in His will and love of us. However, this discussion with him made me prioritize (even more) silence in my day of constant prayer to stop and listen to Him.


This song is BEAUTIFUL and perfect for today. It’s available for purchase too. Or you can just listen to is here! It’s the hymn from for the Memorial of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

PIZZA last night! Peeps, there was no way I was cooking yesterday! No way…you’ll see why in a second!

We gardened yesterday. Can you imagine? New Yorkers gardening? We’ve only always killed potted plants. Correction, I’ve only always killed potted plants and he’s always bought them for me. We ripped of whatever it was that was out front and planted mums in rose with yellow centers and then also planted some bright yellow daisy looking mums. We put out LED lights in the front and added a potted plant and Jack-o-Lantern Mommy, with a baby pumpkin (contributed by Little Monk). Of course, my boys helped. They kicked the soccer ball around while I pruned and trimmed the shrubs on the other side of the house!

What am I making? I couldn’t even tell ya. I think I made a mess on my desk with all that I have going on. Seriously. If I listed it out, you would think I was crazy to possibly think of adding one more thing!

Around the Web
Here’s a cool list of Marian prayers that I found when I was researching my RCIA presentation.

Here’s one of my favorite opera singers, Renee Fleming singing Letterman’s Top Ten. If you can imagine, I sometimes talk to the boys in operatic voice. For example, I’ll sing “Boy wash your hands for dinner” to La donna e mobile. Funny stuff.

Let the gardening begin!


Here are some pictures of my trip to visit St. Vincent Ferrer Church for a special Mass for the Dominican Laity. It was such a wonderful day!



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