Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 14

English: The Francesco St Jerome by Palma il G...
English: The Francesco St Jerome by Palma il Giovane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Memorial of St. Jerome, priest and one of the four original doctors of the Western Church.

“Ignorance of  Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”

Patron: Archeologists; archivists; Bible scholars; librarians; libraries; schoolchildren; students; translators.

Symbols: Cardinal’s hat; lion; aged monk in desert; aged monk with Bible.

CWA Time people!!! One of my favorite days of the week around here (I love Sundays too) Link up time over at Suscipio! Pretty self-explanatory, just respond to the bold items and link up!

I almost forgot to share this with you! I created a new tab “Resources” be sure to check that out! Has most everything I’ve ever researched, looked at, read and enjoyed in the treasure trove of all things Catholic!

::Doctors (they’re helping me to feel better).
::Mornings with Little Monk. He runs and jumps right in. He did it again this morning because he forgot it was Monday. He was bummed. He likes hanging out on the magical island (my bed) before the day has to start – and the magical island disappears (we make the bed)
::encouragement from my husband to relax and take a warm bath to soothe my frayed nerves.
::planning and dreaming with my husband on our nightly walks after dinner with the boys.
::visits from my Goddaughter. We have a really great time together.
::returned texts from Aaron.
::praying, prayers, the rosary and submitting to the importance of making the time to pray. Which leads us to…

I am praying for peace. For myself. I spoke with my favorite priest, Father Heaven. He let me in on a little secret that he heard from the Holy Spirit one day when he was praying. Always pray for peace, because it is something that only God can give you. “My peace I leave you, my peace I give you, let us offer each other a sign of peace…” See why I love this priest?!

I am praying for my family, my husband and children to stay close to our Lord always. I am also praying for the ability to see God in everything – good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Always.

I am praying for Aaron. I pray that he does good things. I pray that he finds God always wherever he is. I pray that he learns to wade through differences and opposition without negative judgement, grudges or past hurts.

I am praying the rosary with special intentions for all of you in a very special, Holy Spirit driven way. Why? Because that’s what we do. Pray for eachother.

Thinking and Reflecting
On this time in my life. In my bedroom, there is a collage above the television so when you sit in bed, you can look on that collage. I gave it to my husband as a gift and it has pictures of us. Just us at different times in our relationship; from the very beginning when I was sick, to when I was pregnant with Little Monk, on vacation and the morning after a difficult night. I just snapped a shot. That picture, that time means more to me than anyone will ever know. I found God in the dark that night, I can see it in my face when I look at that picture. I can see the love for myself and my husband as I gaze into the camera lens. My husband is kissing my shoulder. My right shoulder which would, in a couple of years be covered in a tattoo that he lovingly designed and gave me for my birthday. I’m just reflecting on how far we have come as a married couple. How much I love him as a man, a husband, a father (especially because he really is a thoughtful, caring, wonderful father from the moment he threw Lexicon up in the air at 18 months old. I had never seen any man play with Lexicon like that before and in that moment, I knew he was really, really the one) a friend, a companion on my journey in this life and towards God. My husband will never understand (because I don’t know how to put it into words) just how important our relationship and he, as a person, is to me in my life.


Just listening to my rosary podcast for today – the Joyful Mysteries. 

I made white rice and steak with onions and a side salad. Steak and onions is my husband’s favorite, so when I make it, he’s SUPER happy. Which makes me super happy. I love to dote on him as much as he doesn’t let me because he’s a man. Ya know?

Changing the sheets earlier than usual because my husband got some more tattoo work done. No matter how I wrap up the spots he’s tattoed on, the cling wrap unravels and we get ink on the sheets. I do love the feeling of clean sheets! But, I thought to use a thinner coverlet because we’re always hot in the middle of the night. BAD IDEA! I was freezing all night, which led me to chase him in the bed all night, and he ended up with “a broken shoulder from sleeping on the nightstand”. Sorry, honey.

The ornaments for the Advent Jesse Tree Ornament Swap over at I have Jacob’s Ladder. I did one this weekend to see how I would manage and it took about 2 hours. Here’s hoping that I will get into a rhythm and make 32 of them in no time.

Around the Web
I haven’t been around the web much this week. I actually took an entire day off yesterday from Facebook, email, texting, blogging, commenting, you name it. And I liked it. I felt like the world passed me by and it was all ok.

Quite a few things for you actually. My first try at making Jacob’s Ladder.

photo 4

The next is craft time at my house. The boys decided to get little treasure chests for themselves that they would paint as rainbows. A reminder of God’s promise. Lexicon put his prayers in the treasure chest. I just love that boy. Little Monk doesn’t have anything in there yet, it’s still drying because he used alot of paint! And yes, that’s the husband playing Tetris in the background. We love that game.


A cross that Father Heaven thought I would like and he set aside for me. As you know, he moved a few months ago. During his move he was sorting through stuff and thought I would like it. I love it. I showed it to my husband and he immediately nailed it up in the entry way to the house. God is Good.


Finally, a sunset on one of our many walks where we talk about our dreams, family and most of all laugh.



7 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 14

  1. Only 30! that’s right!!! Well, I’ll have two extra to give to my dear friend S and my other friend SA granted, they won’t have the other ornaments, but they’ll have a ladder.

    If I am not underneath Mike before nodding off, I don’t nod off. Sometimes I chase him (like last night) and he tells me to move over like 4 times. EEEk! No more negative chubbers talk. The end.

    Love you!


  2. Your almanacs are so fun to read…and real…real life. Your love of God is manifested in your words…and your love of family.

    You are reading some good books!

    I wish I could cuddle more but youngest gets right in between us. (uh…we are working on that)

    Have a grace-filled week Cristina.


    1. Hi!! Lovely to hear from you! I don’t know if its cuddling so much as it is me attacking my husband so I’m comfortable! If I don’t feel his hand on my leg I freak out! I need to know he’s there. Especially if I’ve had a bad day. He’s good like that. He tells me “I’m right here ma, I’m right here.” He knows he married a loon!
      Have a great and God-filled week!


  3. I LOVE the Surprised by Truth books! I have the whole series, have read them multiple times. 🙂 I find personal stories so inspirational, which is part of the reason I love your blog so much. 🙂

    According to my husband, I take up far more than my half of the bed because I like to sleep very close and regularly steal the covers. He doesn’t seem to mind though. 🙂



    1. I’m not a blanket hog but more of a pillow and bed hog! Sad state of affairs when I am being greedy!

      All this talk of blankets and pillows makes me want to go back to bed!

      Can’t wait to read your CWA!


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