What did he say?

I think I’m liking this reblog or roundup type post on Saturday. Don’t you? Considering all of the secular press hoopla, I thought it was important and a duty to post what was actually said. So head on over to America Magazine and read “A Big Heart Open to God” by Antonio Spadaro, S.J. and read what Pope Francis really had to say.

I would also like to share with you this article by Jimmy Akin, because I love his stuff Pope Francis Focuses on the Bigger Picture with New Interview

and this one by Steven D. Greydanus, because the title is pretty hilarious, Go Home New York Times, You’re Drunk

Both of these are from National Catholic Register. Like them on Facebook!

I also wanted to share some word counts that I found about this article on Facebook, but alas, unless you capture it the moment you happen upon it, you lose it forever (i.e. I’ve scrolled and scrolled and can’t find it). Point was, that the secular media is going ballistic (yes, I am being that dramatic) over what the Pope said on abortion and homosexuality. He mentioned both, three times each. He did say church about quazillion times (little Monk’s number), God 88 times, Jesus 26 times, and love 20 times. Where’s his messaging on that in the secular media??

What I love about this Pope is that he gets people to talk about the Catholic Church everywhere and all the time. Even though the secular media gets it wrong, it’s comforting to see him on every major news network (that includes EWTN and even my local WFMZ channels!)

Have a great weekend and I will see you all Monday with tales from the birthday party we’re having for the boys on Saturday via another Catholic Woman’s Almanac! This linkup has made me love Monday’s a little more.



3 thoughts on “What did he say?

  1. Nothing like gossip. But if you really like to see what happened to a story, a “real” story, just follow the media, or the jackals, same thing. Happy Birthday!


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