Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 11

CWA Time people!!! One of my favorite days of the week around here (I love Sundays too) Link up time over at Suscipio! Pretty self-explanatory, just respond to the bold items and link up!

I almost forgot to share this with you! I created a new tab “Resources” be sure to check that out! Has most everything I’ve ever researched, looked at, read and enjoyed in the treasure trove of all things Catholic!

::walks to the enchanted forest (it’s just what we call the more mature part of our neighborhood
::swings – I actually got on one!
::my parish. They were so sweet after I gave my talk. Lots of hugs.
::church bells in the morning
::new friends in the blog community.


I am praying for Aaron. I pray that he does good things. I pray that he finds God always wherever he is. I pray that he learns to wade through differences and opposition without negative judgement, grudges or past hurts.

I pray for the RCIA candidates and catechumens. Tonight is the first night for RCIA and I will get to meet them all. I am very excited to see where they are and how they grow in their faith. Please pray for them, and for all making this journey to the faith this year.

I pray that Deacon TC will get better soon. He has laryngitis and with RCIA starting tonight and him leading, we need him to be 100%. I went over yesterday evening and made him some fresh ginger tea with lemon and honey.

I pray for healing for my friend SSA. She is hurting and worse, her family is too. May our Lord be a balm to all of their souls and bring their wounded hearts together once again.

I am praying for my family, my husband and children to stay close to our Lord always. I am also praying for the ability to see God in everything – good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Always.

I am praying the rosary with special intentions for all of you in a very special, Holy Spirit driven way. Why? Because that’s what we do. Pray for eachother.

Thinking and Reflecting
I have some bittersweet news to share as you can probably sense from my longer list of prayers. On Friday evening, Aaron left to live with his Aunt. We tried, we really did. While I will keep a lot of the details to myself as this is extremely personal, I will share some parts. Ultimately, it’s best explained the way Mike did with Lexicon. Which, when you think about it, sometimes the most simple explanations are the best ones to understand. I will share his explanation as he conveyed it:
When Mommy was married before to your Colorado Daddy, she loved him but it didn’t work out where they could live together anymore. It’s not that she hates him or he hated her, it’s just better if they don’t live together. It’s the same with Aaron. We love him and he will come back to visit, we just can’t all live together. It doesn’t work. Aaron is still your brother and he loves you and Me and Mommy love him too.
He left the rosary I made him behind. That made more sad that I can express. But he took the bible and YouCat I gave him. Will you pray for Aaron? I will. I will keep him and the hopes of all his future plans to be positive and nourishing to his soul close to my heart.


I received some great feedback on my RCIA talk yesterday morning. It was wonderful to see that it was so well received. Now let’s pray that we get a great turnout this year!

Yesterday, Mike made fried chicken, brown rice and Asian stir fry veggies. I don’t know what he has planned for tonight! When he works from home, he cooks. Tomorrow he’s in the office so who knows what I’ll be conjuring up in the kitchen, but I’m feeling something with potatoes!

Lots of laundry and cleaning up in Aaron’s old room.

Rosaries. With being sick and all the other commitments and responsibilities we have, I’ve been very lax in this department. I made 16 rosaries yesterday. I hope (HUGE hope) to make 8 more at least before I have to turn the whole stash to the rosary lady this week!

I am learning that the cross I bear is beautiful in it’s dents, dings and splinters. How I bear it is the very sign of my being a disciple of God. I’ve weathered another storm here lately and I leaned heavily into my cross, leaned heavily into Jesus’ pain especially and most sweetly as I prayed the Sorrowful mysteries. Each splinter of my cross was akin to the crown of thorns on His head. Each saddening moment was felt as I recalled how they spat on Him in those mysteries. How sweet it is on the other side of sadness, made all the more sweeter through the pain experienced and sharing in the smallest way as I could never experience all that He did.

Around the Web
Please go watch the movie that Imagine Sisters put out on the Vocation of Sisterhood. The film follows four nuns throughout a day in the religious life. You can download the movie HERE – Light of Love. You can download the study guides HERE – Light of Love Study Guides.  I am so excited for these lovely Sisters. They worked so hard at this. #nunsrock (Thanks Em.)

My boys trying to make me laugh. Pretty good, huh? Have a great week.



10 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Vol. 11

  1. I think it’s great that a deeply faithful Catholic such as yourself would be so humble as to go back to RCIA for better catechisis. I am completely and utterly proud to call you my friend. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will try to post some reflections week to week based on what I learn from the team and the candidates and catechumens.
    Aaron will be 20 in October. Thank you for the prayers. He needs them desperately and doesn’t even know it.


  2. Cristina, your energy, warmth and love for others literally leap off the pages of your blog. Reading your posts is almost like getting a hug 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing all the joy and enthusiasmm you have for your faith. May God be with you in your current trials. God bless you!


  3. Hi Cristina,

    Prayers, girlfriend. My heart just broke for you when you mentioned about him leaving the rosary behind. 😦 But, Bible and Catechism = very good. I’m sure this is going to work out ok, but hugs!


  4. My prayers are with you and Aron and the rest of your family. May God lead him through these forging years. I love how you see your cross as beautiful with all its’ “dents, dings and splinters.” Offering up your suffering is so compassionate and loving. Thank you for all your prayers for others and for sharing the faith so wonderfully on your blog with all of us….God Bless you Christina! The photos of your boys made me laugh….


  5. I can hear your heart crying for help…here I am. I will pray for Aron. He is in a tough place. All you can do is love him. LOve him unconditionally and pray. Lots.


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