And now for something a little different

I thought I would stray a second, because I had to share this very funny little happening. I need a little funny right now and that means you do too.

I wear makeup (that’s not the funny part – or maybe it is). The mascara I wear is pretty hard to get off. I also suffer from a little acne immediately upon turning 35. I did some research and found that I am allergic to parabens which eliminates a lot of skin products. Enter the Oil Cleansing Method. Basically, it’s based upon your skin type. For me, I use half castor oil and half olive oil. It works. Really well. It removes my crazy, awesome, only-thing-that-makes-my-flat-lashes-curl mascara while simultaneously calming my irritated skin.

Stay with me. I’m just laying the groundwork…

During our most recent move, I had a bottle of this homemade goodness in my shower for easy access when washing my face. I think, the hubs thought it was just another empty bottle and tossed it. That’s totally fine. I would have done the same.

I haven’t had a chance to buy another container for it, so I used an old glass Goya olive Imageoil bottle and just made my mix. It’s been in my shower for a few weeks because I keep forgetting to buy a new bottle for it.

My husband made my favorite last night. Espaghetti. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s a spaghetti with meat sauce and extra Spanish goodness that only he knows how to make.

After dinner, I go to check the boys backpacks per my usual. I check their backpacks every night for Mommy homework – you know those forms with emergency names and backups for the back up names, your shoe size, and blood type? I check for those and any drawings they made throughout the day.

On the kitchen counter I see a Goya olive oil bottle on the counter.

Me: Honey, please don’t tell me you used this.
Husband: Yeah, I did for the pasta so it wouldn’t stick.
Me: And also a colon cleansing. It had castor oil in it.

An hour later…

Husband: My stomach feels off.
Me: the feelings evoked in this image.

st augustine

Happy Feast of St. Augustine. I found this and thought it matched really well with with today’s post. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “And now for something a little different

    1. It’s my fault really. How would he know? Not like I wrote “NOT FOR CONSUMPTION! HAS OLESTRA TYPE SIDE EFFECTS!” #workingmomproblems #wasonmytodolist


    1. He was fine…but poor Aaron, not so much this morning. I usually keep it in my purple non-descript, small bottle. But let’s think about this…if I used a quarter of that bottle, then it’s maybe an 1/8 c. of castor oil and an 1/8 c. of olive oil. He maybe poured (that sounds SO bad) a tablespoon (give or take) of castor oil, distributed among the 5 of us? We had like half a thimble each? I know my logic and math are bad. Makes for a funny day after though.


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