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Assumption of Mary

Happy Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary!


I love to pray.
I look forward to praying while I pray.
I have a journal on my nightstand where I keep a list of your requests.
It’s something I can always do for you – even when you think no one can possibly help.
I can offer prayers, small sacrifices, happiness and sadness I experience for anyone and everyone at anytime.
I read somewhere that whenever someone has a great day, they should know there are unknown prayers being prayed for them to make it so.
It’s those prayers that are lifting you up.
Your great day is God being presented with prayer bouquets on your behalf.
I really like that imagery.
And you thought no one prayed for you?

We would just like to ask, in return for our prayers, that you, dear friends, find someone to pray for. Whether the intention is for someone here in the comment box, a person walking past you on the street, your spouse, your boss, souls in purgatory, a priest, the unborn, a friend or an enemy – pray for them. I find this this the best way to stay grounded and compassionate; to know that we could all use an extra prayer in the spiritual bouquet to our Lord.

My friend S, also said that the prayers of children are especially strong. I believe it’s because of their purity, sincerity and trust in God. So, Monk and Lexicon will be praying for you too. At Mary’s grotto of course!

Won’t you let us pray for you?

Please leave your prayer request below.


12 thoughts on “+ + + Pray + + +

    1. Added! And I will pray the Second Decade of the Luminous Mysteries: The Wedding at Cana, when Christ manifested Himself (Jn 2:1-11) today for you and your wife – along with some other people I feel need the praying of the mystery for them. God Bless!


  1. Please pray for the soul of a young parishioner C.D. who went to heaven yesterday after a long battle with leukemia. She and her family are members of our parish, Cristina.


    1. Done. I will add her and her family. I will also include her for my purgatory prayers where I say special intentions for my grandmother and friend, Curtis. I’m sorry, S.


  2. This is so lovely, Cristina. 🙂 Please pray for a family member whose husband committed suicide this year. 😦 In addition to the loss, she’s going through a horrible financial ordeal.


    1. Of course. I will think of her and her husband as I pray the Fourth Decade today: The Transfiguration of Our Lord (Matthew 17:1-8) with special intention for his soul in purgatory be lifted up to heaven and for her to feel the presence of our Lord in her life.


  3. Me too! I was so very focused on you the night before your appointment and the morning of. Made my day to hear the outcome. I also sent the post of your news to the anonymous prayer warriors I told you about. 🙂 I will email my intentions to you. Although you’ll find they’re the same as what’s on my CWA – but there my be a couple for just me +xo <– prayers, kisses and hugs – cute, right?!


  4. Please remember a work colleague in your prayers who is suffering greatly due to stress and also us her colleagues, that we might be able to do all that is asked of us and work well and that all will have patience with us as we deal with things, Please also pray that those senior at our place of work might deal with the situation with compassion, understanding and patience. Thank you for your prayers.


    1. I will. With fervor. Even I have to pray for that especially this week for myself. It’s a stressful time. I will pray the Second Decade today for you – the Visitation with the intention that you are all good to each other, helpful, patient, kind and caring; that your superiors are as well – just as the Blessed Virgin Mary was with Elizabeth those three months.


  5. What a generous heart you have!!! For my husband and the job interviews he had last week and for finding one soon, our marriage, and for the upcoming youth ministry for me…


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