Oh Happy Day!


I was planning on writing about how I pray for you. I even texted S last night to give her the gist. That will have to wait. I am spending time with my Goddaughter today! Why is that a big deal? I was just asked. She is a beautiful 17 year old young woman. She actually took all of the pictures for my wedding that I post here. She has a Godmother, but for reasons that we won’t get into (no, it’s not that scandalous) she researched Canon law to find out if I could step in. She asked me today! What does that mean? It means that I have a very special interest in the growth of her spirituality. And I do! I pray for her often, she is so very sweet and talented. What did she say after she asked me to be her Godmother? Please don’t lose your fire for the faith. As if…you can’t get me to shut up about it.

The best part, her mom, is S! Am I the most blessed today (and always really)? I sent her a bunch of links to read through as we were talking (most of which I have shared with you) and she will be making an appearance here on this blog. That’s right. Why not document this wonderful relationship and perhaps share a few things along the way? For now, we’re going to watch God is the Bigger Elvis. I think that’s a good Godmotherly thing to do. Stay tuned for the post on how I pray for you in the next few days. In the meantime, please pray for L. That’s her name.

She just said that I could post this picture of us! SO SWEET!

Me and L


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