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Happy Feast of St. Dominic! He’s got Nine Ways to Pray!

You know what’s interesting? We (me, Lexicon and Monk) created a post last Thursday to gather your prayers with a picture just like this one and it never published. I can’t even find it anywhere! I am so sorry about that. Please, please, please leave your prayers anywhere – and we will gather them up and write them in our book.

We would just like to ask, in return for our prayers, that you, dear friends, find someone to pray for. Whether the intention is for someone here in the comment box, a person walking past you on the street, your spouse, your boss, souls in purgatory, a priest, the unborn, a friend or an enemy – pray for them. I find this this the best way to stay grounded and compassionate; to know that we could all use an extra prayer in the spiritual bouquet to our Lord.

Now that that’s out of the way. On to the prayers!

I love to pray.
I look forward to praying while I pray.
I have a journal on my nightstand where I keep a list of your requests.
It’s something I can always do for you – even when you think no one can possibly help.
I can offer prayers, small sacrifices, happiness and sadness I experience for anyone and everyone at anytime.
I read somewhere that whenever someone has a great day, they should know there are unknown prayers being prayed for them to make it so.
It’s those prayers that are lifting you up.
Your great day is God being presented with prayer bouquets on your behalf.
I really like that imagery.
And you thought no one prayed for you?

My friend S, also said that the prayers of children are especially strong. I believe it’s because of their purity, sincerity and trust in God. So, Monk and Lexicon will be praying for you too. At Mary’s grotto of course!
Won’t you let us pray for you?
Please leave your prayer request below.


3 thoughts on “+ + + Pray + + +

  1. Thank you for your prayers and I love the prayer book. I will begin one too. What a great idea. Will pray for you and your family. Prayer bouquets…how beautiful.


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