Not just another Bible app

No reason to not read the Bible, that is, of course if you prefer listening to it! Take a look! I am going to start listening to the New Testament in 40 Days Playlist. Yes, you read that right, playlist! I will of course, keep you posted on what I think of it. From what I’ve clicked through so far, looks like it will be a new favorite, go-to App especially for my drive to and from work!

This is the actual thumbnail for the app which I think is so beautiful how could you not want to use it?

Truth & Life App

Do you already have the app? What do you think?

CNS Blog

By Zoey Di Mauro

WASHINGTON — The gentle lilt of Julia Ormond emotes the Magnificat, the deep voice of Blair Underwood narrates as Gospel writer Mark, Kristin Bell plays Mary Magdalene and Brian Cox is the voice of God.

You’ve never heard the Gospel quite like this.

Hoping to create something that allows people to not only read, but hear and experience the word of God, the team behind the “Truth & Life” dramatized audio New Testament has now created an app for it.

Besides recruiting talented actors to give their time to the project — “We really love the way he did it,” said the executive producer of Neal McDonough’s performance as Jesus — team members created an version of the New Testament enhanced by sound effects and an original music score. The app even allows you follow along with the text, take and save notes, and search for…

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One thought on “Not just another Bible app

  1. Wow Cristina, what an awesome idea! I know and sense being called to get into the Word more, but like many I make constant execuses for how ‘busy’ life is…this sounds like a great idea…imagine listening in bed as you fall asleep? i’m definitely looking into this 🙂


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