Am I an Overachiever?

20130727-014501.jpgThis idea for a post came about via a conversation with a co-worker. Actually, she’s a newly promoted manager. That’s serious business. Her aunt is a nun. She makes rosaries. Fabulous. See how blessed I am at work?

In any case, we were talking and I told her I felt badly for not having made as many rosaries, with the move in full swing. I only had 18 for Ms. M this week and I like to give her at least 50, ideally 63 (I try to make 8 a day). She said “50?? I made 4 in a week! You are such an over-achiever”. She didn’t say it to insult at all. I wasn’t insulted. It just left me with some things to reflect on. How does that process work? Well, we call the husband first. My grounding rod. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: Honey, do you think I am an overachiever?
Honey: No. I think you’re an underachiever. You’re two classes away from a master’s degree. You should be a project manager at least, but you never want to assert yourself or show what you can do. You should be running that place. You need to step up, honey. Just sayin’
Me: Ummm, we were talking about how many rosaries I make versus how many she makes.
Honey: Oh. Well. You’re still an underachiever.
Me: laughs

Let’s look at the definition for one who fits the definition:


Let’s go through a day. My day, shall we? I’ll pick a busy day (as opposed to any other day that isn’t busy – right!) Tuesdays – in the Summer*.

6:15AM:: I wake up. Before I get out of bed, I pray the Morning Prayer, read the daily mass readings using the Magnificat, say my rosary.
7:00 AM:: Shower, get dressed, coffee talk with the Hubs (he works from home a lot), he makes me breakfast and I drive to work listening to Catholic Radio – or say the rosary if I didn’t have time before I got into the shower.
8:30AM:: I’m at work – I do work things. I also respond to comments from this blog on my phone as soon as I can.
5:00PM:: And I’m out! Work’s done and I drive home and say my Evening Prayer with the Divine Office app on my phone.
6:00PM:: Dinner – Whatever the Hubs made. Always hoping it’s his Spanish Spaghetti’s because that’s slammin’!
7:00PM:: Evening Mass with the boys
evening mass8:00PM:: Home again boys have taken a bath and I’m making rosaries in the living room, while the family buzzes around, helps me and chats – at least 8 rosaries. And since it takes me about 11 minutes to make one…
8:30PM:: Snack time for the boys. Then bedtime business, prayers, chat about the day – what they loved, what they didn’t love and where they saw God, maybe read a book.
10:00PM:: The Hubs, because he’s an early bird, is usually passed out. Here is where I get all of my reading, writing, scheduling,praying praying (for others, for me, Night Prayer, everything) and doing time in. I am a night owl. See how that works? My monk is a night owl too, so as I pray he is usually coming in and out asking for water, another hug, a kiss, to fix his blanket, get some important Pokemon information to me, you know. Here he is coming into bed to pray with me. He likes to wear my rosary.
12:00AM:: Zzzzzzzz

*Sometimes it’s busier when The Hubs is in the office and I have to make dinner. Or during the school year when I have to do pick up and drop off at their school, help with homework, projects and the like. Or if I am cantoring that week and have to learn the music for the mass. Or if something else comes up – which always happens.

In any case, does that read like an overachiever to you? Maybe to the Hubs it doesn’t. He doesn’t see just how into my faith I am, I mean he’s sleeping right? How would he know that I am crafting blog posts, reading 3-4 spiritually related books at a time, praying, reflecting, discerning a Lay vocation, linking up at other sites, collecting images for Pinterest (because I love that). Reading up on Catholic news, encyclicals (both recent and past), Vatican press releases of the Pope’s talks? To him, I am underachieving because I don’t apply talents at work. Oh, but I do! I just turn that on it’s ear a bit.

What I gain from prayer, I share with others at work. I try to cultivate an atmosphere of Catholic goodness in all it’s splendor and variety. That means, saying yes always to my boss and/or his managers. That means, always helping out my fellow co-workers when they ask. I always have time to help. That means, asking if there’s anything else I can do? I will wade through what it takes to complete the task. I keep a sense of humor about me – and I always, ALWAYS mention that I went to mass, am going to mass or will be singing at mass. Mass, mass, mass! I guess, maybe you could say I am an overachiever. I am an overachiever for God. I’ve achieved more through Him, personally, than I ever expected.

What do you think? Are you and overachiever or underachiever for God?

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With over 250 link ups there’s bound to be something that piqué’s your interest. I’ve tried to visit 5 different ones each day this week and show some love.


3 thoughts on “Am I an Overachiever?

  1. Ya know, I deleted and re-added that question. I thought, what am I saying? How can we ever overachieve for God? I left it in as you can see. I really wanted to know 🙂


  2. I’ve always been an “underachiever” in the sense that if I don’t like something, I don’t really try at it (read: math in school). I’m an “overachiever” when it comes to things I really like, and then I strive to do well. But then again, I also procrastinate HUGELY. For example, I have a book proposal that is 95% finished. I need to finish it and mail it out. Have I done it? noooo.


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