Down the Rabbit Hole I Go!


Thanks to my very dear friend, S, I have decided to join in on the 7 posts in 7 days blogging challenge over at Jennifer Fulwiler’s Conversion Diary

Oh, what’s that you say? I’m just reading bloggy stuffs over there myself what with the moving and work and kids and reading and unpacking and – you know what’s been doin’ around here. The little I have read has been hilarious. She’s the creator of 7 Quick Takes Friday. In any case, I follow her blog of faith and conversion all with family fun. I signed up to receive updates. In fact, I read this one and cracked up. Just to read the moment to moment of her day and try to cheer her on as I read (even though she can’t hear me) like you do for the underdog in an intense movie. Hey, we Moms stick together.

I received the usual I’ve-just-updated-my-blog-here’s-the-goods email a couple of days ago about the challenge and thought, awesome idea, bad timing for me. Then, I got an email the next day from my dear friend, S with a link to the challenge asking “Wouldn’t linking up be a great way to gain more readers?” To which I muttered to myself “Why yes, of course but, is that a challenge m’lady? Why, I accept fair maiden!” (She really is, you should meet her!)

Then in about 45 minutes I had some ideas to fill in the days. So here we are and here you are. Let’s get to blogging, reading, sharing and laughing. It may be great, it may be a bunch of my brain goo on a screen but, we’re all friends. Right?


If you’re interested in joining in on the fun – she’s still accepting link ups. Do sign upand go down this rabbit hole with me!

And thanks, S.


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