+ + + Pray + + +

Leave it all in the CommBox. I'll pray for you tonight!Leave it all in the CommBox.
I’ll pray for you tonight!
You can never have too many people praying for you.


9 thoughts on “+ + + Pray + + +

  1. Please pray for my sister Toni. She is undergoing chemo for cancer. Recently found in spinal fluid surrounding the brain.


    1. Toni is on my prayer list. I will also pray for her throughout my day and offer up any little sacrifices to Our Lady for her. +++ Blessings +++


  2. Please pray that I might regain my strength and not be so tired all the time, that I might have more of a spirit of prayer and on a more mundane level, that a lost letter may be delivered to it’s recipient in one piece as soon as possible. Thank you!


    1. Done, added to my journal list for this evenings prayers! Lost letters are never mundane! Scribblings are the most important! Blessings, dear Sister.


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