Week 7: #LawnChairCatechism : I’m Covered

Welcome back for Week 7 of Lawn Chair Catechism: “The Second Threshold: Curiosity” As always, all of the discussion questions can be found here. No need to even read the book if you haven’t, the study guide is descriptive enough that you can answer the questions thoughtfully. Feel free to post your comments on this blog and read other responses over at the main discussion here.

In your parish:
If a newcomer walked into your parish today, curious about the Catholic faith, would someone actively welcome him? Introduce him to others? Who would help him answer his questions?

I usually answer the personal faith question and thought against writing about the parish question because I haven’t been a part of this parish for very long…


I have been that newcomer and would like to share with you how it came to be that this parish welcomed me. When I called the parish office, I asked how I can “become Catholic”. I was put on a brief hold and immediately transferred to Deacon TC. Little did I know that Deacon TC is akin to the mayor of the parish so I couldn’t have been in better hands.

I'm covered
I’m covered

As I was driving my son to school (and on my cell, I know. I know – but this was urgent for me) Deacon TC assured me that I would be ok. He assured me that we could work all of the details out. Could I make it to RCIA on Monday nights from 7PM – 9PM? No. I could not.

Could I meet with him one on one? Just to talk. No strings.

Depends. When is it? I have to do it when there is no impact on my duties to the boys or my husband. He set up a time with me that was “covered”. When I say “covered”, I mean my boys were at school, my husband was at work and I could talk – or cry – as it happened.

Deacon TC and I met every week for an hour, sometimes 2 and talked in a way that separated me from the outside, the noise, the doubts and fears. Deacon TC took my little hand and put it in God’s. He told me that it was good to believe. That I was good and that God is so pleased that I am here, wanting come home. Deacon TC was surprised at how much I’d read and what I would stumble on in my journey.

During the mystagogia portion of the RCIA process, I got to spend time with my “graduating class” as I called it and we connected immediately and deeply. It’s rare to see adults who barely know each other get together in a room, bear their souls and – EEEK! – cry!

I came into the faith last Easter Vigil in the choir loft. The people there? Fugetaboutit! That’s another post brimming with positivity, happiness and joy.

We see each other now from time to time and it’s always a joyous meeting. I have lunch with one woman, L who is a good friend, from time to time.

As for Deacon TC, well he’s the Godfather (along with his sweet wife, J who is their Godmother) of my two sweet boys. Remember I mentioned that we’re moving in a couple of weeks? Well we’re moving in right next door to Deacon TC. Isn’t God great?

See you next week.


2 thoughts on “Week 7: #LawnChairCatechism : I’m Covered

  1. Every Saturday evening, for several years, my husband and I were one of five couples who welcomed those with an interest in joining St; Columba Parish in Dothan, Al. This was a pre RCIA program, an inquiry class, and very informal. Sometimes we had quite a few people, other times only one or two. But we were encouraged to keep at it, and a large number of those who came went on through RCIA and became Catholics. They are still Catholic, many serving in roles such as Pastoral Council. Converts are wonderful Catholics. Besides the fact that they become immediately involved, I know this because both my father and grandfather were converts. 🙂 So I love your story!!


    1. That’s really interesting Kaye – almost like a pre-cana counseling but for RCIA. I have to bring this to Deacon TCs attention! Maybe it could work? I’ll ask him when we become neighbors in a couple of weeks!!


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