BAKER and I Don’t Mean Cupcakes – Mistake part 2 of 2

So…another publishing mistake. Ever use WordPress? It’s great except for that HUGE blue “publish” button that screams to be clicked – accidentally and often.

Looks like in the big ‘ole publishing-too-soon mistake post, I embedded a link to part 1 in part 2 of the post that was sent to followers (again, thanks) via email. Sound confusing? It is and I guess I’m a bit of a mess today.

So here’s another painting that I love, that I will share with you. I will republish both posts next week (on the Liturgy of the Hours and The Daily Examen) Who knows? Maybe this will turn into a series – no! Not of mistakes, but of art that I love and can share with you.

The Storm by Pierre Auguste Cot