Crankin’ out the Rosary

So, I make rosaries. No. Not to sell. To give. I will not take all of the credit for this endeavor (or any for that

Detail shot of rosaries I’ve made

matter). I met a woman, M, at work and she is “The Rosary Lady” to me, and everyone in my house. She provides the beads, the cord, the tools and most importantly, the encouragement. She connects with people, parishes and other groups who would like rosaries for children, prisoners, orphans, you name it. I went to mass this weekend at my parish and recognized a couple of rosaries next to the prayer candles because the beads are so distinct. I did a double take and thought to myself, M’s everywhere!!

I wanted there to be some visibility on the who, why and how all of this came about, so I asked her. I am doing this for a few reasons: to show that it is easy to start your own rosary group and to share this powerful prayer with anyone and everyone. You’d be surprised who asks for them just because they are so pretty. Even if they don’t know how to pray them, or where to start, that can be something that you help with or at the very least open the door to – – and I am all about that! Here’s our conversation:

Me: Hey M, when did this start?

M: I’ve been doing these since I was a little girl, but with the group, 3 years. I had to. I couldn’t make them fast enough.

Me: How did you find people to join you?
M: I prayed about it. Long, hard prayer and then (I love this) I was quiet. I listened and wherever He said to go, I went, and asked that person.

Me: What kinds of people are in our group and how many?
M: We have 7 including you. Some are fallen away Catholics, a couple aren’t even Catholic and they approached me when they found out that I was running this group. They wanted to help. And then there’s you. (She smiles)

Me: Really?!? What do you think the draw is for them?
M: It’s a craft to them, I think. And crafts are BIG in this state. Think about it, making these takes 10 minutes once you get the hang of it. It’s not like making a blanket that takes a long time and then what? You use it for a bit of the year? These are for a good cause and they travel.

Me: What else can you tell me?
M: The website for Rosary Makers is Our Lady’s Rosary Makers. They were started in the late 1940s by a Brother and actually came up with all the techniques that we use today. Their site is very well done – you should check it out. I don’t get the beads from there, but I do get all the cord, crosses and tools from them. We are part of a huge international network of people making rosaries (bet you didn’t know that one).

Me: I didn’t know that one. I thought it was just us. How does one begin?
M: Order the starter kit and make rosaries. It’s that simple.

I call this one “The Monk” or “The Franciscan”. Doesn’t it look like a monk would have it? (Brown cord with champagne beads and a cream crucifix

What are you waiting for? Start a group in your parish, neighborhood, parent association, book club, with you and your BFF, daughter, son, husband, anyone. Just order a kit and make them. We need the rosary very much. This summer alone we will be filling 3,350 rosary requests and they will be going as far as Africa and as close at NY to hospitals, orphanages, prisons and parishes!

As you can see, the beads from the OLRM site and the ones we use are different . If you’re interested, I can find out where M orders them from; just leave a note in the CommBox.

How do you pray the rosary? There are a few ways. I listen to a podcast by Rosary Army or I use a rosary flip book that I made a bit ago. If you’d like a copy of the files for that, just let me know and I’d be happy to give that to you – talk about your crafts though, you’ll need a binder ring, a hole punch and some laminate protective sheets not to mention a printer, but I use this each day and really love it.

Scriptural Rosary

For those of you that prefer the paperless option, there are quite a few apps out there for both iPhone and Android. I have an iPhone and use a Scriptural Rosary (which has Scriptural references for each Hail Mary for all mysteries). This is a perfect option for when my brain is feeling especially jumpy and unfocused. When I want a more traditional Scriptural Rosary approach, I use this one by Christianica Staff .The book itself (shown at right) is small, maybe the size of a credit card, so it’s great for travel, or to put in your purse for that impromptu Eucharistic Adoration time!


5 thoughts on “Crankin’ out the Rosary

  1. I live fairly close to Our Lady’s Rosary Makers! I have purchased parts to make rosaries there. I’m actually Orthodox, rather than Catholic, but we also use prayer beads. The first rosary I made was for my mother-in-law with beads the color of the grandchildren’s birthstones…have sold a few more but I feel like I should give them to someone if I could find the right person for each. Don’t know a whole lot of Catholic folks who practice their faith so I feel a little limited. I went on a Friday about a year and a half ago to pick some parts up and prayed for a moment in their chapel. It was so nice. I’m glad your church has people interested in that ministry.


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