Child Donates First Communion Money to Charity

A young boy from Lehigh County is practicing what he preaches.

News Story from WFMZ Allentown via Child Donates First Communion Money to Charity.

Our son, 8 years old, recently received our Lord for the first time. We are so happy for him and he is excited too. No longer does he walk down the aisle, arms crossed over his chest to receive a blessing. He, like Mommy (that’s me), bows to show reverence to the Body of Christ and then goes right up to the priest and says Amen! Holding his hands up high. We practiced for weeks with Wasa bread!

Our son is in the 3rd grade, and since Mommy (me again) didn’t join the Catholic Church until 2012, he missed out on Christ feeding the multitudethe opportunity to receive the Eucharist in the second grade at his school or with CCD. Like most families, we had a luncheon to celebrate the occasion. Knowing that families and friends would give our son money – that’s what they do – as a gift, to help offset the money spent on catering, rental space, pad the college fund, etc., our son had a different idea prompted by my husband who is Atheist. Our son, LOVES Pope Francis, and in a conversation with my husband who suggested that donating would be a good idea and making the connection with Pope Francis,  he gave all of his Communion money away to the local Ecumenical Kitchen. “If we don’t feed them [the poor and hungry] who will, Mommy?” Yes. That’s a direct quote from our son. Unprompted. When asked at the Kitchen why he donated his money, he said his Dad suggested it.

That’s just what he did. He gave enough money to feed 350 people over a day and a half. When we arrived at the kitchen, he was a little nervous and shy because people were looking at him. They were trying to make sense of him. A young boy in a Catholic school uniform with untied laces standing next to his family trying to stay out of the way. We were there with our priest, some representatives of Catholic Charities, the kitchen staff, and the local Diocesan newspaper. When it was time to make the announcement that a little boy sponsored the lunch being served, our son stood on a chair and said thank you to all of the people eating there that he sponsored. From that vantage point, he saw families, children, pregnant mothers and teenagers looking at him and smiling back. I could tell he was happy, but worried. He leaned over and asked a representative of the kitchen what would happen to the people after his money had run out? Would they starve? Does he need to empty his piggy bank? He would! And for a moment he felt defeated as if what he gave wasn’t enough. After some reassuring by the head of the kitchen, our youngest son who is talented in the ways of comic relief when necessary, and not to be left out, jumped up on the chair and raised two thumbs up and squealed “YAY!”. Everyone erupted in applause.

After looking at everyone there laughing and smiling, our older son didn’t look so worried anymore, but determined. He sat with a group of people at the closest table and talked about Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards while eating cinnamon donuts with his little brother, just glad for the afternoon. Glad for the opportunity and happy that he could share. He would like to start a drive at his school next year to give more money to the kitchen. Of course, we kept $50 back so he could spend it on something frivolous just for him. He split it with his younger brother. They even aired a story on the local news about it!

“Never be a Church closed in on itself. Be a Church that goes outside, which is on the outskirts of existence. May the Lord guide us there.” – Pope Francis 5/19/2013 Pentacost Vigil

And so it begins.

Here’s the link to the news story with video that was done about his donation. We are trying to get Pope Francis to see it. Alex wants him to know that he is listening to what our Holy Father is saying and carrying it out! Will you help? Share!


16 thoughts on “Child Donates First Communion Money to Charity

  1. What a beautiful real-life story. God bless your son and your family. I think this is just the beginning and look forward to hearing what other great things the Holy Spirit will inspire your son to carry out next.


  2. Your son is an inspiration to me. His story is going to make it into a few homilies. God bless him and all of you.


    1. Hi Fr. Plotkowski, Thank you for your kind words. It is Alex’s hope that more will be encouraged to help others – and not just as a special occasion, but to make it a regular part of life.


  3. This story has gone “viral” and I learned about it from Mark Shea’s blog. You have done a good job in raising your children right. I showed my son the news clip and read your blog post to him, he will make his First Holy Communion next year.


    1. This is exactly what Alex was hoping would happen. He wants donating First Communion monies to become “the” natural thing to do. He will be so excited. God Bless you!


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