Becoming Catholic: My Catholic Hotbed!

beoming catholic

Here I sit, thinking about all of the little gifts God has given me, and I’ve picked this one to share. I’ve been hearing this Woody Allen quote a lot lately:

 “If you want to make God laugh, make plans”.

I took two and a half years off to pursue a master’s degree and spend time with my boys. I decided I was going to teach (see all the I’s, me’s and my’s?). My plan was to get a schedule where I could still spend time with my boys after school and over the summer. During those two years of study, I came into the Church, our boys started going to Catholic school and I was cantoring and singing in the choir. I live about 10 minutes away from the church and would have to make that trip sometimes 4-5 times a day. We thought it would be great to move closer to the school and church but couldn’t afford the homes on just one salary. My husband and I decided that I had to go back into the workforce.

Panic. Sheer panic set in. Who would take care of my boys? Would they feel as if I abandoned them, again?

Before I took time off, I was working 14 hour days in New York City. I was always tired, but had to stay on the hamster wheel to pay the mortgage, the babysitter, the bills, with my husband who also put in those same kind of hours. It all came to a screeching halt and we realized it was insanity, so I quit, and we packed up and moved to a place that we could afford on one income. Crazy? A little, but that’s a story for another day.

I had to hang up my plans of teaching because it wouldn’t pay enough to get us into the area we needed to be in. Yes. I say need. Who wouldn’t need to be as close as possible to the chapel where they could sit with Our Lord at 3AM, noon or anytime?! I was worried though that wherever I worked wouldn’t have a Catholic environment to nurture my new faith. Oh, I am so protective of it. I tend to it like an obsessive gardener talking to their little plants all the time. So, with all of this worry, I went to Eucharistic Adoration and prayed. Prayed and prayed.

“Lord, please help me to find a job that won’t stifle my faith. Please. A job where my boys won’t feel like I’m never home. Please. Oh, but Your Will be done. I’ll be happy with whatever You do. But please.”

I know, not the most eloquent, but I prayed my rosary too. Furthermore, I feel like the Lord knows me so well that if I’m not the most eloquent He searches my heart and knows the genesis of my petitions. He is the gleaner of all and knows my heart well. That night a job was posted to work in the Diocese in my area.




I applied immediately and had my Priest and the Monsignor of my parish send letters of recommendation. And waited. I thought this was it! I knew Eucharistic Adoration was powerful, but this was incredible. In the meantime, I applied to other places including a large corporate company that I had NO desire to work for. My husband pushed me to apply because he thought my skills matched the job description. Begrudgingly I applied with more fear than anything else. I left corporate to focus more on my family and now I am going back to corporate?!

I applied and got a call back in 20 minutes. (But what about the Diocese job?) Over the phone with ABC Corp, I did not sound excited. When they asked me to come in for an interview, I wasn’t flexible with timing. I really thought I had to hold out for the job at the Diocese – even though I hadn’t heard a peep! I went in for the interview at ABC Corp and wasn’t thrilled walking through the door. Turns out, that the person I interviewed with is Catholic and goes to my parish. A woman I sing with in choir, works there. WELL, guess whose mother works there?! My priest’s mother works there!  And he even worked there before he went into seminary. A Catholic hotbed!


After my interviews, I took the job because I liked the people I met with, especially C. She was funny and honest and welcoming.  Just a few weeks ago I met a woman who runs a rosary mission group and I make rosaries for those in need with them! Around every corner of the office, I meet someone else who is Catholic or goes to my parish, or both! Ash Wednesday? Forget it! It seemed that everyone had ashes. My boss is flexible, understanding and a solid mentor. He even brought his family to hear me cantor and makes sure I get out early for Holy Days of Obligation, my son’s Communion practices, anything!

The Diocese eventually called me. They apologized for their delay, they said that something came up that needed to get taken care of before they reached out to candidates.

I bet. I could never orchestrate a plan like He could. If you think about it, He started this plan back in NY when He took the scales off my eyes to see that how I was planning my life, wasn’t working.

Could you share your plans in the CommBox and how He turned them all around? Where are you now? How did you get there? Who did you meet along the way?

Oh yes, and we’re moving in July. Eucharistic Adoration…I’m coming!

I am not insensitive to those people who are unemployed actively looking for work. My husband was one of them while we only had his income. I am not a “job snob” nor am I so removed from reality that I think I can just pick and choose what I want. My point is that I don’t. God did, and does for me all the time – as much as I get in the way.

Thoughts? Comments? Tell me all the things...

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