Week 2: #LawnChairCatechism : The Unlikely Catholic

In reading the first chapter of the book, Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherri Weddell I feel like a bit of an anomaly. According to Weddell:

“Hispanics are much more likely to be non-Catholic if they are born in the United States. Similarly, if their dominant language is English, they are twice as likely to be non-Catholic. If they are second- or third-generation residents of the United States, Hispanics are more likely to convert to Protestantism or leave the Church.” (Kindle Locations 535-538).

WOW! I was born in the United States, my dominant language is English and I am a second Unlikely Catholic
generation resident of the United States. I just converted to the Catholic Church people! Any other “highly unlikelier’s” out there? Yes. I just made that word up.

On to the questions for this week which can be found here.

Have you always been Catholic?

I have not always been a practicing Catholic. I was baptized Catholic as an infant, but was not raised in a Catholic household, did not go to church or have any religious upbringing at all. I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation in December of 2012, the Sacrament of the Eucharist and Confirmation at Easter Vigil 2012 and finally, the Sacrament of Marriage in October 2012.

How did the instruction and mentoring you received help you – or prevent you – from having a personal relationship with God?

I didn’t have instruction back in June 2011 when I bought my first bible. I woke up every morning after my husband left for work and before the kids woke up. I found a bible reading plan that walked me through the bible in 90 days while simultaneously reading a small chunk starting with Genesis and working my way through to the end. The bible I had was not a Catholic one, and had daily devotionals with thought provoking questions that I responded to in my journal. I never journaled so much in my life! I couldn’t get enough. I read as much as I could not thinking about which denomination I should seek out as yet. I just wanted to know Him.

Prior to that, I sought out different churches growing up and my mother encouraged my curiosity, but I didn’t follow through with any one denomination.

If you were raised in a Catholic home, are your family members all still Catholic?

My mother was raised Catholic but wasn’t a practicing Catholic while I was growing up. My Dad I believe was Catholic as well, although he may have identified with the Episcopalian Church for a short while. About 7-8 years ago, my parents joined the Mormon Church. While the choice was a bit of a shock to the older children and raised some eyebrows, it didn’t tear down the rafters or anything. A couple of my brothers go to Christian churches, while the rest of my siblings are Mormon.

What events among your friends and family seem to explain why some are Catholic, and others are not?

I have not found many single, active Catholic women. Perhaps this has to do with the circles I am a part of (kids’ school, work, etc.). The few women that I know that are not married struggle with living in accordance with church teaching; either they are having pre-marital sex or do not attend mass weekly. The majority of my friends are married with children.

Would you like to read others’ reactions to this week’s discussion questions? Check it out here.

For the women visiting from my parish, why not leave a comment with your answers to the parish portion of this week’s questions’? I haven’t been in the parish long enough to know of any young people that fit the description!

Till next week!


2 thoughts on “Week 2: #LawnChairCatechism : The Unlikely Catholic

  1. I love that you’re here and you’re highly unlikely! WELCOME HOME! 🙂

    I think finding other people within the parish (any parish, I think) is a challenge we all face. And it takes a certain amount of courage to step out, to reach out, to bare yourself.

    The longer I’m Catholic, the more I realize that the descriptor of a parish as a family is right on: they’re messy and uncomfortable, yes, but also beautiful and beyond what I ever expect too.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you! 🙂


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